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Day out after effects

Had a full day out at Llangollen yesterday at the Steam Trains

OH hobby not my thing but thought it would be a day out so went along.It was a long day from 10 oc in the morning til 8.30 last night.. OH interest never wavered all day lots of waiting for trains and freezing cold. Never again i feel crap today feeling very negative and annoyed that i can't have a day out without feeling so low and tired the next day. OH is good most of the time but there are times when i feel like screaming helloooo you know i have a problem ie RA its because he is so used to me getting on with things i suppose i have only got myself to blame. As i have wrote in my earlier blog i have this problem with warts on my hands and feet and they are getting me down. Ok moan over time to pull myself together. sorry peeps and thx x (()) Ladybird

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It was cold and wet to be outside! xx. why not let him go on his own unless it is a nice day.? You could ask Gp about removal of the warts? x


Have asked GP Summer and been down every avenue to cure warts, cryotherapy 5 times, home remedies, Dermatologist said they are difficult to treat because of compromised immune system due to being on MTX. I am in a catch 22 situation. thx for your reply x Ladybird


Ditto Ladybird, I had a day out in London yesterday (went to see Top Hat which is brill for anyone that enjoys musical theatre) but it completely knocked the stuffing out of me. It's frustrating and annoying that RA makes you so tired and I suppose the medication takes its toll too. I was completely exhausted when we got home. Felt about 96 instead of 46!

Hope you are feeling a bit brighter now and more rested.

Mags x


Hope you are feeling better to Mags, It is the fatigue that gets us down plus the medication. I always say to myself there are others a lot worse off than me, but some days that doesn't work and today was one of them ;) I also have this wart problem and while i am on immune suppressant drugs.There is not much hope of getting rid of them I am waiting to see my consultant to see if he has any ideas.

THX Mags for your reply take care xx Ladybird


Ladybird, i am the same as you when we go out. I have to admit i quite like trains as my father was on the railway and my hubby is still on the railway. I think with the weather like it was yesterday i would have stayed at home and i did, i missed a parade in stafford,as it was the parade got stopped as the standards wouldn't have been able to work. Both my hubby and daughter said not to go and i have to say i'm glad i didn't go out.

Get some raw meat and rub it on the warts and get someone to bury it and as it rots the warts go. It is an old wifes tale, but i'm sure there are people out there who believes it works. Nothing ventured nothing gained is my motto.

Hope your ok today.

sylvi. xx


Thanks Sylvi i stayed in to yesterday it was so bad.

Today i have got to try get myself motivated and sort some holiday clothes out. I have an annual girly 3 day break with friends in May we just chill by the pool and have a few G&Ts and natter which is great. I just hope i can muster up my feel good feeling it has been hiding from me of late. ;) take care have a good day Sylvi (()) x Ladybird


Steam trains in the freezing cold with RA - if that isn't a definition of true love then I don't know what is. Flowers/chocolate and so on are easy and standing in the rain with sore feet is tough. Hope he appreciates it!



ah ha ha Thanks Polly x Ladybird


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