Day out on the trains

Day out on the trains

Good morning everyone. As you all know i haven't been very well nearly all winter. I have now had a course of steroids and diazapam . Well the course are nearly all finished.

Anyway the title of my post means i had a day out yesterday on Severn Valley railway. It is a steam railway that was saved 50yrs ago and it was a gala weekend to celebrate. I didn't take my scooter as it was nearly impossible to get on and off and around the stations,so i walked. I was able to sit an awful lot and to make the day better the weather was lovely as well. I really enjoyed myself very much. I took nearly 300 photos. My daughters flatmate was there taking photos as well,but he was track side and though we saw him it was while we was on the train and we waved as we passed him. I saw baby lambs, some pigs, and cows and elephants yes elephants there is a safari park along the route as well.

Overall i had a lovely day though very tiring. We got home about 6pm and to say i was exhausted was an under statement. Anyway bath and bed for me and i had trouble staying awake to see csi and after that i settled down and had the best night nights sleep i have had in a long while. This morning i feel quite bright as well. Also this morning we are going up to the farm to see lambs. The farm is having a charity day to see the lambs and hopefully i will be able to hold one if i am lucky.

So this Sunday morning i wish you all a lovely day.xxxx

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  • Hi Sylvi,

    It's great (and heartening) to here that you are finally getting out and about again and enjoying spring :)

    Have a fab day


  • Thank you Ali,it is only due to the high dose of steroids,but boy do i feel good for a change. I don't know how long it will last but i will enjoy it while it lasts thats for sure.xxxx

  • What a lovely day out. Hope today is just as good and you continue to feel better.xx

  • Enjoy it while you lasts, we all know about good and bad days, just don't overdo it. Will you be able to take your scooter today or hire a wheelchair? Take care xxx

  • Good morning Georje, no i couldn't take my scooter. Hubby drove me up and i went round taking lots of photos of newborns. i really enjoyed myself. I am resting now though and i will put them up on f/book shortly.xxxx

  • I'm pleased you've been enjoying the milder weather Sylvi, maybe it served you well for once getting so tired. We've just done some shopping & my decided to try & drive but we got caught in the grockle traffic piling into town it being a sunny day so he's not best pleased! x

  • Enjoy your steroid holiday sweetie x

  • Did you spend any time in Bridgnorth during your day out ? Our daughter lives just a few miles from there and we often go to the market there, perfect for plant buyers !!

    our other daughter is planning to get married on Severn Valley Railway at the end of the summer. Looking forward to that one, after youngest daughter just got married in Telford Shopping Centre. Xx

  • We didn't come off the station as i wouldn't have been able to walk up there as much as i would have liked to.xxxx

  • Yes it's really steep from station up to High Town. But just going downwards from station back towards the river in Low Town there's an amazing cliff railway which takes you straight up to town then it's on the flat. Mind you it might cause a heart attack, very scary ride !!! We usually park on Sainsburys right by market, then Ken pushes me round in my wheelchair. Next time you come to Shropshire you must come and visit, would be lovely to see you, lynda xx

  • Lynda that would be lovely to see you. I didn't take my scooter as it would have been too difficult so i couldn't walk far. xxxx

  • what a great day out ,I love the steam trains my father was a fireman them driver on the flying Scotsman and mallard we always lived bay the railway and he would call home and we wold ride on the footplate he cooked his bacon and eggs on the hot shovel its so nostalgic the age of steam ,

  • My dad worked on the railway too and my hubby did 22yrs as well. When we were young we lived next to the line as well in a railway

  • Well done. A day out on the rails is surely worth the effort and the much needed rest afterwards! Good on you. Roy

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