It's a misty day out there but the garden is looking tidy again!

It's a misty day out there but the garden is looking tidy again!

Morning peeps😁

What a gorgeous sunny day it was yesterday 😎I actually managed some gardening for the first time in over a year; it was so lovely to get back to some normality - shame I still can't kneel though.

Shrubs cut back ✔

Ivy taken back off the fence✔

Grass cut✔

Chairs washed down✔

Basketball post fixed ✔

Ready to rumble 😁

Ps- sorry about the sideways photo 🙃

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  • Wow, that's impressive. What a long garden, all I can do, with some help to keep my smal garden looking good. We have a nice weekend, so enjoy and sit out there. X

  • Thank you - but to be honest, it's simply trees, shrubs and grass....nothing fancy. I hope you're able to enjoy the sunny weekend too. Was a bit chilly yesterday so had to wrap up a bit while reading my book out there - not complaining though ☺

  • It's beautiful here today too.

    I have been inside painting radiators but questioned this as it is such a nice day - finished hall radiator and have not just finished putting

    up the lights on the trees in the garden - it will look Lovely tonight!

    Have to say, now I am puggled so going to get a cuppa and just relax and enjoy the sun.

    Wishing you all a lovely, calm, pain reduced day.


  • Sounds like a plan Marie 😎

  • Well done you & it looks lovely & tidy too! I can't wait to get stuck into our new garden but it will need a major rehash before I can. I've plenty of ideas, it'll be a blank canvas so I'm itching to go. I'm going to have to wait until some of the plants are showing the first signs because from the pictures of the garden in full bloom kindly left by the previous owner (how kind was that?!) there are some I'd prefer to keep if I can.

    Have you thought about a garden tool trolley/seat similar to this for those lower down jobs?

  • Thanks for the link - getting up and down from a small seat is tough too though - 😑

  • Blimey but you've been busy! I love the spring! I spent (yet another) happy hour pulling sycamore seedlings, wood violets and speedwells from the raised borders. It's a bit like painting the Forth Bridge though isn't it!

  • Thank you Jan! There's a blue flowered plant growing through the borders at the bungalow we're moving to. I knew what it was & that it's invasive but couldn't think for the life of me what it was.... it's speedwell. That's the last of that when I get my hands on it! 😉

  • Certainly is 😂

  • Love your backyard. It looks so welcoming,...and your outdoor, I bet you can't wait to sit outside in the summer evenings enjoying the fire. :)

  • Hello I did some gardening too , felt human for once, the weather affects my R/Athritus terrible, I should have moved to a warmer dryer climate, before all these health issues, to late now, keep smiling lots of people much worse of then me,

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