Opticians and doctors

Opticians and doctors

Well yesterday i went and got my eyes looked at and then onto the doctors to find out why i am feeling like i am.

First off i saw Clive my optician who is a lovely man. He checked my eyes over and concluded that it is the Sjorgens which was causing the problems with my eyes which means i am flaring in that area, great just what i wanted,but at least i know and can stop worrying. Then onto the doctors. I got weighed and that was good news as i have lost another three pounds bring me down to 16st 7lbs. It won't be long until i get below my next target of 16st. The doctor was lovely and she gave me a good check over. It seems i had a virus that was taking its time to leave and because i have chronic fatigue it takes longer to leave me than normal. Means i am flaring with chronic fatigue. Aww well at least i know whats going on and it eases the worry.

I am tucking into my breakfast of grilled bacon and i wish you all a lvely day and higs to you all.....xxxxxxx

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  • Gosh I love your phot - it is so pretty,the colours are amazing.

    You certainly had a day full of medical investigations didn't you, At least you know why you are feeling rough and know you can deal with it. Bet your doctor was delighted with your progress. If you have the same virus I had before Christmas it is awful and takes such a long time to get over. Some called it the hundred day cough and I think that just about sums it up.


  • Hi Sylvi,

    Oh boy! You seem to be having a right old roller coaster of a time at the moment. But the the one good thing is you are still losing the weight which is brilliant. You are one very determined lady. I really hope that your eyes feel better soon.

    Mmmmm.... Grilled bacon, with brown sauce? lovely - you've made my mouth water! X

  • hi sylvi

    great news about your weight loss. well done

    virus floating around over here too but thankfully been able to avoid it so far.

    its a strange one seems to come and go making one feel they are better then a couple of days later worse than ever. hubby has had it now for 2 weeks

    hope the Chronic Fatigue and Flare start to ease soon.

    You really should be a photographer your photos are amazing and always make me smile. thank you

    lots of gentle cyber hugs x

  • Oh lovely news about your weight loss, not so lovely about your eyes. Hope that flare settles down soon.

  • Thank you everyone for your lovely words. I am always surprised when i have lost weight and i think that comes from the days when i used to go to slimming clubs and was scared whether i had lost or not. This operation has been a blessing for me as it has made it easier for me to lose weight.xxxxxx

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