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Hi everyone, I´m after a bit of advice. My RA is well under control thankfully and my current medication is 7.5 mg MTX weekly. My specialist says that I am in remission, so I consider myself very lucky. Anyway, a friend has asked me to go to yoga classes with her. Does anyone know if this will help or hinder my condition. Thanks for your help, hope you´re all keeping warm and well. x

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I have been doing either yoga or Pilates since 1975 and I am still one of the most supple people in my yoga class. I was diagnosed with RA in 1978 and think yoga, and other gentle exercise, like swimming, has been very beneficial.

However there are many different types of yoga. I like a style that is gentle and has a meditative element. Others enjoy something more energetic. I hope you find a class that suits you. The main thing is to take care of yourself and not try to be competitive!

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Thanks Matilda7, that sounds like good advice to me. Also I´ll probably tell the instructor of my condition, so he or she is gentle with me !! Take care x

Hi Susisepain

Yoga is a gentle exercise which can help with strength, mobility and balance - many of our Members have found it helpful. Do speak to the instructor before you start and have a look at the exercise section of our website:

Good luck!


Thanks for the advice Emma.

Hi Susie,

I have been doing yoga since September, I am on 20mg of MTX and naproxen if and when required. My RA is considered inactive but I had a bout of crystal arthritis at the end of November and I think my yoga has helped me keep the mobility in my shoulders through this. I would advise letting your yoga teach know that you live with RA as mine gives different 'grades' of difficulties for each pose and understands if I am doing an 'easier' grade than I normally do.

All the best


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Thanks very much Ali, I will definitely tell the instructor about my RA.

Hi, I started a weekly Iyengar yoga class last June, & I really enjoy it, also finding it keeps me as flexible as possible I explained to the teacher about my RA & she always talks through different levels of difficulty for each pose. There are all ages, male & female with many different health issues in the class, which the teacher accommodates. We all love the yoga class, & now miss it when we are unable to attend! Some weeks, if it is a bad day I don't feel like going, although I go knowing I will feel so much better afterwards! Many of the stretches I do morning & night to keep the stiffness under control. Hope you find the right class for you.

Best wishes

Carol x

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Thanku for the advice which is much appreciated.

I have been doing yoga since 1974 - a few years before this RD attacked me! I have three exercise programmes drawn up by my most recent teacher which take into account the levels of inflammation and tiredness I am suffering at the time. This enables me to continue my daily practice and keep everything moving. This yoga teacher has specialised in people with various disabilities (she also does yoga in pregnancy!) but as long as you inform the teacher and do everything slowly and within your current capabilities you should be fine.

Don't compare yourself with other people in the class who may have been doing yoga for ages and also be naturally supple, but concentrate on gradually stretching and holding within your comfort zone.

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Thank you for your very useful advice.

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