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has anyone tried bikram yoga?

Hi guys. Has anyone on here tried bikram yoga? I found a guy Joesph Encenia online who had juv rheumatoid and has now transformed his life with bikram yoga. I'm unsure how bad he still has it but he lost loads of weight and went down on medications. Just the thought of getting into any positions in this pain seems a distant hope right now. Anyone else tried it? thanks

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Sounds interesting. I guess that anything to make us more bendy has got to be a good thing. x


I've not tried this but the idea of "hot" yoga just makes me want to run for cover. I don't like heat at the best of times and I believe this is practiced in a ver hot room. I would like to try yoga but between my painful hands which can't take strain and my dodgy hip I think it would be a struggle.

Paula x


hmm heat used to really upset my ankles and hands but after this winter and chills i am swayin to heat now. just that he got fixed up so well makes it tempting but I was hoping someone could confirm it works before i try it :)


Why dont you try it anyway and you can tell us how it is :-)


haha i will think about that one when I am walking again. Was really hoping someone else would, but I will try and take one for the team lol


I cant take strain through wrists , hands , elbows and knees not for me but I did enjoy tai chi


I used to enjoy hatha yoga but my wrists just wouldn't cope now. The weight bearing aspect is tough on the joints. So hard to find gentle yoga (or any other exercise) .especially designed for RA sufferers. Would be so nice if a programme was available in each area.


i have tonsay I don't know enough about yoga yet, but the thought of sweating the toxins out appealed, maybe I will just go and try sitting in a sauna, thats making a start right??! lol ;) Thanks for input all :)


Yep, I have done 572 classes of Bikram Yoga.

You read that right. That's a lot of yoga. And I hated every single class because when I began I couldn't even put weight on my left leg due to the massive synovial fluid swelling in my knee, along with the foot and ankle pain.

But now I can run again.

That's the power of Bikram Yoga, along with the ideal diet for RA (another long story)

But here is everything you need to know about Bikram Yoga and Rheumatoid Arthritis:


Enjoy! Shoot me back a reply if you give it a try



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