Good start to 2016.........Not

Good start to 2016.........Not

Don't know why,but i feel rubbish today. My eyes look a mess. They are very dry and puffy and sore with it. My index finger on my left hand is swollen and sore. Put voltarol gel on it in the hope that it will help,also took some co-codamol as well to help with the pai. I feel so damn tied and exhausted as well. Good start to 2016. Hugs to you all.xxxx

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  • Me too Sylvi. I'm full of cold, exhausted and washed out, my tum isn't happy and I have some inflammation in my hands too. I know I ate rubbish yesterday, so that definitely didn't help... I'm moody and grumpy as well, so I could be pre-menstrual... BAH HUMBUG!

    Hope you feel better soon :)

  • Oh dear Sylvi, not a great start to the New Year for you! Hope the gel kicks in soon on your finger and your eyes sort themselves out too. I with you on the exhausted part. I think it is the after effects of the Christmas and New Year celebrations. Just seen my family off and now want to collapse and chill out. Hope you feel better soon Sylvi. Smiler x

  • Tomorrow is another day Smiler and like you i hope so too. I had a blood test yesterday so come Monday i will check the results and i might even get to see my gpo and see about getting a steroid injection. I have been well looked after during the christmas celebrations so i think mine is fibro and cfs as well and they just kicke your backside whenever they feel like it with no reason at all. \hugs to you all.xxxxx

  • hi Sylvia, sorry to hear you are not doing well today. I'm also in pain in more ways than one My hands are sore and my left ankle still but i say hay ho and on we go. I have the added pain of have just lost one of my dogs, he hadnt been well over christmas .

    Well have plenty of rest and hopefully you will a little bit better tomorrow.

    Sending you hugs. XXX


  • So sorry to hear about your dog Chris, they're so much a part of our lives aren't they, they leave such big holes in them when they leave us.... take your heart then break your heart. Hugs (x)

  • So sorry to hear about your dog. It's a heart breaking time I know. They are a big part of your life and it's like losing one of your family. Thinking of you xxx

  • Losing a beloved pet is hard darling and am sending you lots of love and hugs.xxxxxx

  • No doubt that winter weather doesn't help. Your picture by the way is stunning. Thanks for sharing. Take care of number 1! Doreen

  • So dislike when we have days like these, feel for you. I'm having one today too & tend to retreat to lick my wounds. I hope you feel a little better tomorrow Sylvi, have a hug from me. (x)

  • Hug on it's way to you. Hope you feel brighter tomorrow . Love me xx

  • Bless you I feel your paint a damp start the the year isn't good....I always blame the weather .... Just imagine being in a hot country aches

    And pains would be a thing of the past ! take care

  • Thank you all for your lovely comments. I have not been up long,but i fell asleep at 9.30pm and didn't wake upmuntil nearly 6am. I will see how the day goes before i say how i feel. At the moment i have a few aches,but nothing much to worry about at the moment. Hugs to you all.xxxxx

  • Hi Sylvi,

    Funny you should say that, I sat home last night and thought I have been off work on leave for 12 days due back to work tomorrow and felt tired still, eyes sore sjorgens syndrome, swollen wrists and fingers and wanted to burst into tears at thought of work and the toll it takes on my body. I enjoy my job, but it is costing my health, it's a conundrum.

    Happy New Year to you, hang in there.

  • So sorry you are feeling poorly! I hope you feel better very soon! Hugs!


  • I hope you're feeling better soon and that 2016 improves for you. Hopefully things will change :) lots of love x

  • God love you, I have some bulbs to put in the garden poor things still in the box. Must get them in,tulips and another mixture, Hope you have a bit of luck with the pain.

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