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Hello Dearfolk, i know I have been absent for a while, first because my life got ridiculously busy, and more recently because of a major depression. I'm on Enbrel, and though my crp is in the normal range, I'm sill hurting enough to be frustrating, but I have become deeply dpressed, to the point that I need to be in hospital to be safe. Has anyone become depressed on Enbrel or Cymbalta? My hospital psychiatrist has taken me off or the cymbalta, and put me on Prozac instead. I`m worried about withdrawal so abruptly, but I guess I`m in the right place for it.

I'm sorry to be gone for so long, then come and dump it all here. I spent my first two days without pain meds, because they don't allow cannabis, even though it is physician ordered. I'm reluctant to take the dilautid, but honestly more reluctant to be in pain. My guys brought me a supply of my favourite teas, and I have a private little nook near the unit piano. I don't really know what I'm expecting from this post, I was just missing you all.


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  • Hi Bats,

    That's the great thing about this site, always here to download our problems!

    Sorry to hear that you are feeling so awful at the moment. I'm sure you will bounce back. Sorry I can't answer your question, just wanted to send you Big Hugs and positive thoughts. Barb xxxx

  • Hi ! Wondered how you'd been and I am sad you are not well. But I suspect you are in the best place to get help and get the therapy you need . Sending hugs xxx A

  • Oooh, Batsie, I am so sorry you got so low. But rock bottom is a good place to be. You have something to push against. well, that is what I have told myself when I am down there.

    I wonder if you are able to play that Dalai Lama meditation I posted a while ago. I found it so soothing. It makes me cry, but tears of releasing anxieties and fears, rather than gasping sobs of despair. Here's the link again if you feel like giving it a try.

    I don't try to meditate; i just let it wash over me like a spiritual shower. I'm not a Budhist, but that doesn't matter one jot.

    I have suffered from clinical depression in the past, but am not aware of Enbrel precipitating a bout of that. But we are all different, even when there is great empathy.

    Prednisilone is the one that I really have a love-hate relationship with.

    Love and transatlantic hugs



  • Good to see you back, but sad of the circumstances. Hope you stay strong and I will be battling with you.

  • In every dark sky a twinkling star breaks through. I hope and pray your light will twinkle through your dark sky. sending you cyber hugs.

  • Aw bless you--- stay strong and as positive as your depression let's you. Huge hugs xx☺

  • As you say, you are in the right place and your psychiatrist should be in contact with your RDA consultant to work out the best treatment for you. I am glad to hear you have people in your life who care about you, love you, visit you with your favourite teas. Hang on to them. I hope something gets sorted for you, medically, very soon.

    Lots of love


  • Even though I'm unable to answer your question, I'm thinking of you. I'm fairly new to this site and it is good to know such a supportive community. Sending you love & light. xxx

  • Right darling don't stay away next time you get like this again please. We are al here for you and we will share your pain and support you all the way through this ordeal. I can't answer your question about your drugs,but have you looked at the sheet that comes with your drugs and see if they cause depression if they do contact your rheumy and see what they can do to help you and ease the depression for you darling. And don't you disappear again darling no matter how hard it gets for you as we all miss you when your not here as your a colourful lady, From another colourful lady love me.xxxx

  • I was thinking I hadn't read any posts from you for awhile ..I remember you were one of the kind people who wrote to me after my first post. I also have no experience of these drugs so I can only hope things improve for you.

    Take care and thinking of you.

  • Have missed your posts for a while and wondered if you were going through tough times.

    You always make me feel better with your comments.

    Whether you are cheery and bouncing along or going through a hard time, you have the ability to reach us all and so you make us all feel better just from being here.

    Sending healing thoughts across the ocean. C xxo

  • I to have missed your posts & wondered where you'd got to. I'm so sorry to hear your news. Wishing & hoping that you'll feel better soon. Take care x

  • Oh Bats, I'm so very sorry things have been so bad for you. We tend to think that if someone's not been around for a while they're doing ok, quite obviously not the case with you. Do remember though we're here, any time.

    The meds you mention, some people don't tolerate them at all well. I can appreciate why SSRI's & SSNRI's are prescribed but they don't always do the very job they're meant to, in fact they can make the reason they're given worse.

    Are you able to speak to the prescriber comfortably do you think? If so do, maybe there could be alternative treatment he/she could consider for you if it's thought you're one who doesn't respond positively to these types of meds.

    Sending you hugs & strength. (((xxx)))

  • Hi Hun from the North East of England. Lots if replies for you on here and thats what we are all here for to send love and support and to assure you we all think about each other - we take a little time out of our day to wonder how each of us are managing - pain free for a while hopefully. I dont know if you are already keeping a journal but I find it helps especially in the future when you read it back. I truly hope you feel much better very very soon. . X hugs & love to you hun. X

  • Hi, Ihave missed your sorry you are in such a dark place. I suffer with depression too, and I know how hard it is to reach out when you are in the bottom of the deep pit. You are in my thoughts, remember that you're not alone, we all care about you.

    I have found psychotherapy really helpful, I hope you may have access to a 'talking therapy'

    Do keep in touch now. Best wishes, Mavis xx

  • Hi Bats,

    I've missed you, you were here for me when I was going through a bad time. I have been thinking of you and wondered if you were going through a bad time.

    I was on Enbrel but I don't think it caused any depression. I would check with your rheumatoid as we know these drugs effect everyone differently.

    Sending gentle hugs to you, please keep in touch, we are all here for you,

    Take care, hope everything you feel better soon . Sue xxx

  • Hi Bats, sorry to hear you are having a rough time. With the help of the medical team, visits from family and friends and all our good wishes you will be feeling more like yourself before you know it. Pleased you are near the piano and hope it's not long before you are playing a happy tune. Stay strong, and keep in touch with us all.

    Best wishes, Sue. XX

  • ((( ))) Hope you feel better soon. For me some anti inflammatories (those stronger than ibuprofen) can send me down that path. xxxx Farm

  • Hi Bats! So so sorry you have been under the weather. I have missed your posts. You have always been so supportive of everyone, I guess I thought you were on vacation. I am rooting ,and cheering for you to feel better. You have support here on this site. So please get better real fast

    We miss you!!

  • Hi Batty

    Absolutely no need to think you are dumping on us, we are here for you always as you are here for us. Sorry to hear of your depression glad to hear you are getting help. I have been on Enbrel but not had depression and don't see it listed as a side effect. Hope the unit can help you feel better and get home. Nice to hear there is a piano there.

    Sending gentle hugs 😘😘😘


  • Can the guys bake? Cannabis muffins, I am reliably told, taste fab. :)

    Oh it's so good to have you tap in and let us know what's going on for's funny how our instinct is to go to ground when things are difficult when really it's the least helpful thing to do!

    Does the unit have a writing group? Our local one does and, even though I've not been an inpatient I attend as a self referred out patient so my Tuesday's in the school holidays are spent writing and drawing at the unit's day room - I find it very supportive mental health wise....I hope you're getting all the support you need right now and will be able to continue to access the support once you are home again. And we are all here for you as well with our flaming torches of hope, compassion and understanding held night to light your way on these dark days.

    Take special care of yourself

    All the best


  • Sending gentle hugs that the doctors work their magic and you are better soon.

  • sending you my gentle hugs and I wish you well

    Take care


  • Dear Bats I've come late to this but have been missing you a lot. I really hope you are getting the right help now and I don't think this is a dump at all - simply an update. As you can see many of us care about you a lot and hate the idea of you feeling sad or alone. Twitchy xxxx

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