If I do suspect an infection, can I wait until morning?

Since I asked this morning it has become worse with some side pain, I'm wondering now if it is an infection after all but wondered if it would be okay to wait until tomorrow before contacting NHS?

I'm a bit stuck as being home with little one and family all away at get together for new year, don't want to cause a fuss!

Thanks again

ps. I'm on enbrel to

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  • Call nhs direct and ask. If you can't get to them they will come to you. If you don't ask you won't know. Best of luck. xx

  • I'd imagine as long as your drinking lots of water to keep your system flushed it would be ok to wait until GP surgery opens tomorrow, however if the pain is really bad and your worried call NHS direct for advice; 0845 46 47.

  • thanks again Sylvi and Beth! gosh I'd be lost without this site and yourselves of course :)

    I'll keep drinking and wait, thanks for the number also.


  • Also do keep an eye on your temperature, as if it starts to go very high then you should treat it more urgently. But hope that it recedes and you have quiet night - certainly not fair for you to get an infection after your good DAS news. P

  • How did you go on overnight?

  • I hope you're feeling better. I've been suffering from a similar infection over christmas, and despite a dose of antibiotics its still lurking. I think we will both have to get another course of them when the doctors do open! Hope you're ok - oh yes and have you noticed the sugar content of cranberry juice? I got some sugar free juice from our local coop, which is better against fungal infections.

    All the best, Cathie X

  • thanks everyone!

    feel silly, it's the drama queen in me, much better today, not great but better so will hang on a bit before I go to the docs. Suger free cranberry juice is going on my shopping order today! thank goodness for tesco delivery, bloomin snow today :)

    hope your all keeping well, warm and cosy, Julie; I'll reply to you on my other question now


  • How you feeling today? Did you see the doctors?

    Hope you get sorted xx

  • Hi Julie, yes have some antibiotics now, crikey I never realised how horrid a uti could be!

    do you mind if I PM you? have a question I don't really want to post! x

  • I suppose cranberries need a lot of sugar to make them palatable? - hope you both feel better soon. TTxx

  • yuck even then it's taste disgusting!

  • Feel free to pm me anytime, if I can help I will x

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