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Handy gadgets / things you find difficult


Hi everyone,

I wonder which tasks you find the most difficult and any gadgets you found that help? Or perhaps something you think would help to solve the problem?

I find scissors particularly difficult but the use of scissors with without thumb holes make the job so much easier!

Be great to hear/share your thoughts and tips :-)

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A bread knife that works as a saw. Brilliantly good X

Thick pens that are chunky and are easier to hold.xxxx

A knife for cutting veg. Think it is called a rocker. Curved blade with an upright handle. Godsend would be lost without it.

Chunky pens like Sylvi said and you can buy a y shaped one which is great.

My dog to take socks off. Only thing is he takes them off if you need to or not. And his Daddies 😀 need to work on that one !

I have got so many gadgets that it would take pages to list them all - from a tipping kettle, through things to open jars and another for tins, to my perching stool and the stool with handles that I use in the garden with my funny angled tools. I think that anything that makes life easier is worth a try and the occupational therapist has been wonderful.

I have just been amazed and delighted with my new Tangle Teezer hairbrush. It cost over £10 in Boots (I see you can get it much cheaper online!) but it is so easy to use. I don't have shares in the company - I wish I did - but I can thoroughly recommend it. I have RA in both elbows and in both hands and was very dubious that these very gentle "bristles" could work through my wet hair after a shower or swimming, but it really does work quickly and is truly wonderful. The hairbrush itself fits into the palm of my hand, where maybe a Velcro strip around the back of the hand might be a welcome extra help, but otherwise, seriously, it is really surprisingly good.

By the way, thanks for your tip about non-thumb scissors. I had no idea such things existed (this is such a great site!) but will go and buy a pair this weekend.

i found turning in bed very difficult and painful, then I read in NRAS magazine that slippery satin type bedding helps. it really does!! Downside - they are so cold!! But sliding around is easier than clinging fleece type sheets - so I stick with the satin!


That's interesting. I recently bought some bamboo sheets (it's the viscose/cellulose that's used as a fibre - I think) and they reminded me of silk /satin and they are indeed slippery! Without pluging the site look for 'bamboo 100'. (Other suppliers of bamboo materials are available, of course).

I've got some slippy sheets too for ease of moving around but when I wore a satin nightdress I slithered out on to the bedroom carpet! No harm done but I was too slippy! 😁

I use scissors with a middle which you can use to grip bottle tops as I always find it hard to open bottles of water due to weakness in my hands even when they are not painful. Like old-timer said too many things list out there to help you, I am going to look for a tipping kettle, next on my list. Try Google or your occupational therapists if you have one.

Take care, Sue xx

Opening crisp packets especially the more expensive ones ! and all the rest of those packets which say tear along this line and do not cut like cheese. Then what about marmite thats a perisher when it gets sticky and bleach squeeze bottles you know the pinch either side ones. And don't get me started on peeling an orange. lol x

I use the husband and anyone nearby to open crisps then they take a handful, and I forgot those bloody little tubes of sauce in restaurants that the give you for breakfast, and the ones with mayonnaise for salad. Thinking Sainsburys and John Lewis and similar establishments even had to ask a stranger to open a satchet of salad cream the other day. lol x

I have a number of OXO good grip kitchen utensils. We have plastic cups for drinking so I don't clash them in the dishwasher. I was forever chipping the edges of plates so the last lot have a thick rim and have lasted much longer (saying that will probably loose one tonight). Sometimes just asking for and more importantly accepting help can be good - no point slaving over a tea and then dropping it on the way to the table. Mine are quite good now at taking and fetching from the table without complaining. Not a gadget but internet shopping and having it delivered and as long as you put the fridge and freezer stuff away first the rest can wait if necessary. A high stool is also useful at times and as my kitchen is quite small mine folds up - it was quite expensive but should last. Farm

Like Farm I have quite a few Oxo Good Grips products, the most helpful that's not a utensil is a measuring jug which has a grippy handle & measurements which are easily read, no need to bend down or lift it to the eyeline to check amazon.co.uk/OXO-Good-Grips....

I also have quite a few of the canisters in the same range, just pop the centre & they open, similarly push the centre it's closed amazon.co.uk/OXO-Good-Grips....

Zyliss shears are a good alternative for scissors, they have an assisted cutting action & the blades separate for easy cleaning, I must have had them 3 years now & they've not needed sharpening yet amazon.co.uk/Zyliss-Purpose....

I've not found anything better than a good old Marigold for opening bottle & jar tops , I've been bought all sorts of gadgets my well-being people & none work as well. If they're still resistant holding the top under the warm water tap for a minute or so helps.

My latest buy were oven gloves, I have problems gripping hot baking trays & these solve that problem amazon.co.uk/Legendary-Magi....

My very best friend is my Gtech AirRam, a considered purchase but so worth it if you have issues with heavy vacuum cleaners gtech.co.uk/cordless-vacuum.... It replaced my Dyson upright ball which whilst it cleans well the trouble is it's heavy & the suction is too good making it even more difficult to push. It's only used for the dirtiest jobs now, mostly for crevice cleaning using the wand.

I've lots of other things I just take for granted so no doubt as they're mentioned I'll think oh yes should have mentioned that too! ;)

I use an old fashioned nut cracker to open and tighten bottles like fizzy drinks etc. Also for peeling oranges I think Lakeland sell a small plastic ring you slip on your finger and has a plastic point underneath to score the peel and a point to help pull the peel back. I also use sugru which I bought in comet/pc world. It's like plasticene but says permanent. I use it to attach small wooden drawer handles to all my electric plugs to make them easy to pull out. To be honest I don't have many specialist kit but enjoy thinking of ways of making adjustments to stuff I already have

I have a Gizmo bought by my lovely stepson and his partner for my 60 bd. Never had to ask anyone to open a jar for me since. They bought it of the Internet. Just love it

I wouldn't be without my Dyson V6 Absolute cordless stick vacuum. Easy to use and lift.

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