Anyone see the new thing the people in the 'back room' are trying to set up for us? Well its a thing where you can get in touch with people who live near you......sounds great doesn't it? Send a letter to our lovely volunteers and find out more. I must have been the first and they asked me to post to the rest of you to get it going.......hope all are well. XX

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  • I received the invitation yesterday, have you found where you enter your postcode Jean? I can't find it so was going to contact Joel.

  • Hi nomoreheels! If you're on a computer or tablet simply click your name in the green bar above and then click 'People Near Me' like this:

    If you're on a mobile simply click the menu icon in the green bar and then click 'People Near Me' like this:

    Once you're there you should just be able to follow the prompts. I hope that helps :)

  • Nope, I've done that previously Joel & there are no prompts.

    This is the page I see

  • I've managed to do it now thanks Joel. Sarah sent me an email & it worked. Thanks for your help.

  • I read the 'What is this' link and it was informative but nowhere to enter my Post Code. It did say that it was at present 'beta' which means its in its rearly days and to please be patience it is.

  • Sorry for late reply Jean, my h had an appointment with his Heart Consultant, he was overrunning & just got back.

    I had a message from Sarah when I got back & she suggested this & it's worked for me so see if it works for you.

    Click onto your username on the green top bar & select Account - where it says Allow other users to see my approximate location uncheck & save changes.

    After doing this access People near me again again you should have a pop up box asking you to enter your country & postcode.

    Hope this works. x

  • I've done this already.....I'll wait to see what 'give it some time' does. Hope H is alright.

  • It took me two goes, for some reason the first time it rechecked what I'd unchecked! "Give it some time" sounds a good idea!

    H has to have a general heart ultrasound test & another, a myocardial perfusion scan, once with his heart resting & another after a stress test. He's been getting breathless again but his latest anaemia levels are ok. He's also been getting specific stabbing pains, not generally expected post operatively so his Specialist wants to investigate. Heart is fine so "cause unknown" just now. Thanks for asking. x

  • Awh, poor thing....give him a X from me. X

  • Oh he's alright, certainly better than before the op. I just wish he didn't keep shocking me when he suddenly clutches his chest. I'll pass on the X though! x

  • Hello Darlin, how are you? The message I got from Joel was to send a post to get more interested in the scheme, must not have had a big response so far. Let me know how you get on please. I don't expect too many from my part of the world but I think it is a great idea. XX

  • I'm fine thanks Jean, trust you are too? I've emailed (not specifically to Joel), questioning where to enter my postcode. I'll let you know when I get a reply. I've been into account settings thinking it would be there as that's where we're directed to opt out but it's not there.

    Gorgeous pic of Barney (or is it Kells?) x

  • No thats my beautiful Barney Bubbles.......taken directly after he had been groomed I have to say! If you could see him now....well I think its fair to say he looks nothing like that foto.......I love him to bits no matter. As he is a rescued its hard to put an age on him. Vets seem to think 7/8/9.....I have noticed that the older he gets the more loving and attentive he seems to be getting. Having said that it could just be a bit of the 'green eyed monster' as this has only really started since she came to live with us!! Heels I don't know where I would be now if I didn't have them with me.....they have been my only link too sane thinking at times I can tell you....I really should post a foto of the delightful Kells.....

    Let me know when you here from NRSA. XX

  • I think it's probably a case of seeing Kells cuddling up to you & wanting a his share of love too Jean, boys need to do it in their own time sometimes! You've told me before how they recognise when you're not yourself & how good your neighbours are taking Barney out for his walk when you have you iffy days. I think you should send a pic of Kells, can't have favouritism now can we?

    I'll let you know when I hear anything back from the HU team. x

  • Thanks for the link. I did as suggested and its as I thought there are no others from about my area.....but my name is there.......I wasn't asked for my Post Code it in my details when I signed up......a case of wait and see for me I think. XXX

  • No it's not on mine either. Sarah replied & said it should be in the pop up which explains about PNM & there should be a red click on button to add country & postcode, but I don't have one on that page. x

  • Hahahah yes my nearest person is 12, 648 km away. so no dropping in for a cuppa!

  • Jeepers!!!

  • hahaha yes I am in Australia

  • I replied and joined up two days ago to the message, but as yet haven't found anyone near me.

  • Hi Fidgetsmum,

    We have identified why you can't see anyone and we are in the process of fixing it.

    In the meantime, could you please uncheck on your settings page where it says Allow other users to see my approximate location and click "save"?

    After doing this please access People near me again

    Let me know if this works.

    Best wishes,

  • I have done as requested Pepa, nothing or no--one has shown up . I will wait. Thank you for helping,

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