Rheumatoid arthritis -I am off methotrexate prior to osteo hip replacement next week and have pain in hands and back - have support gloves and on tramadol - 50 or 100 am and pm and paracetamol - pain still here - Zopiclone to sleep at night / any tips from others with similar experience ? Thinking of morphine patches for my hands - have to be off methotrexate for 3 more weeks (1 before and 2 after op) . Helpful ideas welcome.

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  • Are you on co-codamol as well as that goes with tramadol. There are creams out there that can help as well. I hope your op ngoes alright and you make a good recovery. My advice for after the op is do the exercises the hospital give you. Best of luck.xxxxx

  • Thanks, yes I must get some voltarol cream .

  • Hi yesterday had my physio hand assessment fitted with compression gloves for night _ day time splints..most important exercises to strengthen muscles in hands.

    I was surprised on pressure test my left hand was a big zero!!

    So need to exercise exercise present tend to drop things alot .

    Then strangely on my way home in the evening from art club the radio 4 health programme talked about RA & weak muscles .it was again enforcing properly guided exercises to strengthen muscles to support the joints.the pain cannot be eliminated fully but extra muscle strength in the spine / legs hands etc; will be a big help .....

    Hugs to all

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