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Crazy Idea!!

Sorry for another blog.

After catching up on the last few days of posts that I have missed.

There seems to be a common theme from so many..... Work issues and capability to go to work and perform efficiently.

This gets to me too.

So this got me thinking... (Dangerous at times!)

There are so many of us on here with so many different skills and so much knowledge.

Why can't we identify what we all can do and come up with some ideas that enable us still to make a living but works round our RA and ideally do it from home.

I am self employed which is a terrible position to be in, though I have a few ideas of how I can adjust and start working with a different customer requirement set. I am currently writing a course for a Uni to be delivered in August, Also doing research for a company abroad.

There are so many ways we all can do things.

I am more than happy to spend time with people and create mind maps with them to see what options are out there and what skills you have and more to the point what you enjoy doing. The priority is the work has to be something that is NOT time bound as when we all have a flare up we know we cannot do anything on those days.

If anyone is interested in thinking and talking more about this please let me know and I will set up a private chat for ideas.

Don't anyone think I am touting for business here I am offering everything free. I am part of this family on here and we need to help and support each other.

(I promise not to blog again today!!!)

Hugs to everyone


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what a wonderful idea, thank you. You are so right we are a family. Hope you get some feed back. I will give it some thought when I'm stronger. Love Alison xx


I would love to work from home x


I'm self employed too - think we all idealise the opposite a bit as many on here think it is great but its hard too as you know - potentially isolating and no fall back re pensions, sick pay, holidays etc. Personally I like it best when I'm engaged in a commission as I am just now - because it keeps me focused even though I'm finding it exhausting too.

I think your suggestion is great and hope you get lots of people taking you up on it. Happy to pool my skills if they are ever needed but my other suggestion is that people get involved in NRAS and setting up local groups, find raising etc as all that builds on life skills and increases confidence for adapting to RA and the restrictions it can place on you. Tilda x


Good point TildaT. I agree that the support side is desperately needed as in local groups etc.

The confidence building as you say is a major part of RA.

Though I also believe people are worried about work and what else they could do if they have to leave their jobs.


I'm retired but can always do with a boost to the income. A year ago I was an expert witness for some asylum seekers - that was my area of expertise when I worked. I enjoyed the work, just pulling together arguments and checking sources on the web. But I did find it quite demanding and did more hours than I was paid for!

Let me know if you organise a chat though. As a teacher for many years I'm not bad at checking written work and building confidence.


Fantastic Cathie. What an asset you will be!!

My background is Aviation, disaster management and operational excellence.

We have a good combination already!


Funnily enough I was thinking of volunteering my services to the local community, but they want to tie you down to specific hours etc. as you know this is not good. Plus they prefer mornings but I could only do after midday, a no good before that.

In my past life I have mainly worked in an office environment, the last being local government at County Hall for the Environment, Sustainability and Waste Management.



Thanks for replying also. This is the same problem as me with work.

I find it hard to commit with RA. I also hate letting people down!

Lets see how many others are interested.



Hi all, I worked in a school office before giving up completely in 2012 but I stayed on the Suppy List for all schools in my area in a few capacities, i.e. Pupil Support, Classroom asst as well as clerical. The schools requiring help will text you either in advance or on the morning and you have a choice as to phone or not depending on whether it suits you or not. I have found this to be a fab way of keeping my hand in and earning a wage. Personally I wait until I am on a good run and decide on the day if I am up to a 9-3 post (sometimes just a morning).... Just a couple of days per week makes all the difference.

I am one of the lucky ones who is well controlled on meds at the moment but as we all know it can change at the drop of a hat.

Great idea tho Fidget02.....



Hi I would love to share ideas! I hate not being able to work. I know that I could do something on my good days but what? I would love to,work from home at my own pace and I am sure that it would make me feel stronger mentally, because no matter how many times my husband, family and friends tell me it's not my fault I can't work, I still manage to feel useless and a burden......

Steph x


I totally ditto this. Great idea but I was an aerobics teacher and Im not very brilliant on the computer. I did do office work but that was in the day of typewriters and teletex machines! I have looked at things to do at home on the PC but so many con artists out there.

I would like to join the chat tho.


Great Steph.

So pleased (sorry) to hear there are more like me.

I have loads of ideas.

Let me set up a group chat thing and lets all talk.

Be good even if it is for just a chat.




I am a college lecturer teaching computer skillls from graphics and web to routine office packages. This is stressful so I worry how long I will b able to keep it up. Other options would therefore b great but I dont always have much time to commit properly to your idea. But if u feel my experience of writing learning materisls could help then im in.



Oh yes, You def have amazing skills and so much you can do from home.

One thing I am currently doing is writing course material for a 10 day uni course during the summer.

Think of the possibilities for you to work from home doing this!

Looking forward to catching up



Hey there, I've just been trying to catch up with the last few days of blogs (isn't it amazing how much you miss when you miss coming to the site a few days!!) and yours has been playing on my mind a lot. I think this idea is not crazy but absolutely brilliant!! :) I am one of those people - looking for a job, getting interviews but never actually being hired. So so frustrating! Especially if you feel you've got talents that could be of use to the wieder world haha!

Might definitely message you sson about this :) I have been playing with the idea of self-employment (what else is there if I can't get anyone to hire me?!) and have a few things and woud love someone like you giving their opinion if that's ok :)

many thanks and hope you're having a great, painfree day,

Christine xxx



Anytime, just yell!

Going to set up a google hang out for people that are interested.



Hello! Like Christine I hadn't been on the forum for a couple of days and just found this post now whilst catching up. Excellent idea!

I have been off work now for 6 months and my sick pay from work will be slashed to 60% as from next month. Now whilst I appreciate that I am extremely lucky to get pay of any sort from my employer after such a long absence half my normal wages go to my mortgage every month so now I can either pay my mortgage or pay my bills and eat but not both :-(

I would LOVE to work from home. My normal day job involves sitting at a desk typing all day, something neither my spine, fingers or wrists will let me do anymore. But my passion is sewing and in the last I made wedding and bridesmaid dresses, prom dresses etc. I know I can't take on such elaborate projects anymore but I am determined to continue sewing as best I can. I am getting a new sewing machine with a Start/Stop button so I don't need to operate a foot pedal, special large headed pins and just last night I ordered a pair of electric scissors so I can (hopefully) cut fabric again. I have been thinking of just making cushions or bags to start off but with personalized embellishments to the customers order. Would love to join your discussion!

JoJo x



Fantastic. What a brilliant skill you have!

So many ideas we can all come up with for you.

Instead of keeping all my pills in a carrier bag, why not a pretty drawstring bag! Something unusual. Just an idea for you to think about.

I am going to give it to the weekend to see if anyone else wants to join us, then set up a group chat.




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