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I am writing a post to ask you for some tips for the NRAS magazine. We are putting together a Tips and Hints page for our members and we would love suggestions. Is there a certain exercise you find effective? Have you found a certain way of making the morning cuppa be less painful? A holiday or club that you took part in that helped you feel better about your condition?

Please send any suggestions to Daniela@nras.org.uk or post them below and you may feature in our next edition!

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  • My biggest tip for the kitchen is the use of an elevated..to counter top level, of a stool or chair on wheels. Found mine at a home supply store, it's on 5 wheels, has a lever that will lower it to look into lower cabinets, and then raises up to counter level for working and food prep, etc. I can scoot back and forth from sink to stove to refrig without getting on my feet. A great back saver too!! I could never prepare a full meal without my chair on wheels!

    Resembles an office chair, I have reupholstered it 3 times now.

  • Is that off the net?

  • No, I got it locally at the Home Supply store, here, called Lowe's. But if you have a store like that near by, just ask for an office chair with a pneumatic adjustable seat. Or probably look online, there is usually more there than in a store. Good luck, it's a life saver!

  • For me a charity called Attitude is Everything were brilliant. They ensure access for those with seeing hearing or mobility problems and help them with access and support to festivals, music venues and clubs and pubs around the country!

    I would tell others as I thought I would never get back to music festivals due to mobility problems but I did with Attitude!

  • Do you know I'm 58 and I've never, ever been to a music festival. Oh I have been to Leeds castle four times with the Royal Philamonic (can't spelled today at alf) does that count. It is wonderful I spent most of the time in tears at the beauty of the music. I have been to a couple of Kayleigh's (don't know of that Is correct spelling either. Must be the Baileys I've had a couple........... Gorgeous. Mary x

  • Well festivals are an acquired taste! But many music venues such as arenas etc have disabled facilities and booking, many of them certified byAttitude is Everything. Your have access re lifts etc and good seating areas so I always book on the disabled section. One reason I really want for my state of mind to have my dla,

  • I understand. I receive DLA..it took a while but my GP WAS wonderful, it was he who really pushed it. I think my bad memory helped. I hope you receive yours. I'm on my third Baileys and no pain. Eaten half the choc and two bowls of ice cream. I feel sick..having my own festival in the house on my own.maryx

  • When I said I hadn't been I didn't mean that I didn't want to, I would love to have done but never got round to it for some reason...however, I'm not too old to start. Mary x

  • U go girl

  • I've found out what to do with Baileys choc and ice cream...you find a lovely glass big bowl...pour in whole bottle of Baileys...crush p some ice into very small pieces...mix with Baileys...dollop on vanilla ice cream covering all the Baileys...get choc up into cling film find rolling pin and hit choc very hard into chips cover ice cream with choc..serve and just dive in....absolutely scrumptious. Hic Hic burp..maryx

  • It has to be dark choc.

  • can you use Chocolate chips as packaged for cookies and brownies, etc?

  • Regarding the choc chip..I'm cheating a little arnt I? I quite like the idea of grating the choc on the large part so I have slivers ...that sounds quite good . Mary x

  • I feel a bit hung over today!!

  • That really is terrific, Allanah! I have a motorized wheelchair, it is foldable, just need someone to be able to take it in their van. The chair only weighs 14 pounds, but the 2 batteries each weigh 25 pounds. So I only use it locally to go to the town square.

    That generates a thought, maybe some of the churches here who provide transport on Sundays could be coerced into helping disabilities...Hmm, might work on that!

  • My wrists and hands are very weak and painful so I have a hot water dispenser instead of a kettle. It's no good for large quantities but wonderful for a cuppa without the need to pick up large amounts of boiling water which is obviously dangerous.

  • Have you tried boiling just a cup of water in the microwave? 3 mins for a 12 oz cup

  • That's a good idea about using the microwave for a cup of tea. I won't be able to pick up anything soon after consuming large amounts of Baileys. X thank you for information about the chair, I do have a couple of places where I live I can try. Mary x

  • Good luck, I so hope you can find one. Make sure it elevates far enough to comfortable countertop height! That Bailey's is calling me, and I can't go out until tomorrow morning!

  • Baileys called me yesterday that's why I haven't gone out today! I can here it whispering to me now..OH HELP WHATS A GIRL TO DO?! Mary x

  • I have one of these hot water dispensers too and it's brilliant! Wouldn't be without it now, it's my favourite kitchen helper! :-) Also as it only boils the amount for a cup in less than a minute it uses far less electricity than a kettle or a microwave, so cheaper leccy bills too! Yay!

  • I don't think I have heard of this thing! You are right, and I would use it that way myself! I'm stuck on an oldfashioned MW combo with bake or grilling oven.


  • Something to help me open jars, bottle tops etc. I do have something you have to hold very tightly over top with one hand then twist hard with the other.!!!!!!!!!!!

    No good for us really. Mary x

  • I have a gadget. called a jarkey which is great for opening jars fits under the lip and and releases the vacum

  • Thank you I will def buy one. Mary x

  • Where did you get it from...the jar key.? Mary x

  • Hi any good kitchen gadget store or ironmongers

  • Thank you. Maryx

  • I have a "screwy lewey" which is a flat round piece of smething like rubber. It looks like the top of a table tennis bat - it is really good at gripping and opening everything.

  • Thank you I think I've seen one.maryx

  • Countryside Mobility is an organisation that covers the South West Uk from Gloucestershire to Cornwall. They arrange for Trampers (off road scooters) to be available at a number of sites which would otherwise be inaccessible.

    I never thought I would be able to 'walk' through the woods again or do a stretch of a coastal path until I came across this.

  • Ye really wish they had these in North Yorkshire, I miss it SO much

  • For smaller roast meals try an electric Remoska rather than trying to bend into the oven. It cooks jacket pots, roasts veg, meat, spanish omelettes, all manner of things.

    It comes with a stand to protect your surfaces so can be used at table height for ease and served straight from there. The lid is a little heavy though so needs both hands to lift it with care as this is where the heating element is. It saves on washing up and fuel consumption too.

  • I use my halogen oven but I had to buy one with a hinged lid.

  • I never thought I would use one of these, but now, I believe I would!

  • Thank you so much for all your suggestions so far. Keep them coming!



  • to dry yourself after a bath or shower use a hairdryer especially for the hard to reach areas.

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