Any ideas why my big toenails have gone yellow?

I've noticed for the last couple of weeks my big toe nails have turned yellow they are also thick like rhino horn! I don't think it's a fungal infection they don't hurt itch or smell, I don't paint my nails either. Would any side effects cause nails to do this I'm on methotrexate and humira. Any ideas please ? Bev x hoping everybody is as pain free and happy as possible x

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  • thats something to ask your GP, especially if its a recent change. It might point to something that could be treated.

  • Fungal infections in toenails don't always itch or smell. But they are very slow to shift once established so if that's what you've got then the sooner you start the better. So do go see your GP. I've never had any problems with nails on MTX, but have had fungal infections in my toenails previously.

  • I have this too! Been told it's not a fungal infection, but could be linked with psoriasis, I will be interested to hear results too, nothing helps it, my hubby cuts my nails etc, the only thing that helps is to use an emery board to remove the yellow bits. Hope you all have a pain free day x

  • I also had this & was told by my GP that the treatment was more painful than the complaint

  • Do u have psoriasis xx I spent years like that to find its psoriatic arthritis xx my finger nails are all loose . I noticed improvement on mtx though. In Manchester if you have ra you geyt free nhs podiatry as its like diabetes in that u xcan lose circulation in feet . I dont cut mine now they do xx

  • I made my husbands nails white again dabbing Manuka oil on them. Just a tiny amount each day. As far as I can tell it is a fungus. Heat inside shoes and sweat can do it.

  • Thanks for all your replies, probably best to visit my GP to see what's occurring - I will let you know Gill what it is, i don't have psoriasis arthritis Norfolk jo I was told it was RA but I think the two are very similar.

    Thanks again well wishes to you all Bev xx

  • Hi Beverlady

    It sounds like fungal infection

    if it is the best thing to use i Vicks Vapour Rub you rub it on the affected nail every night

    My husband had fungal nail and nothing the Dr gave him worked then a we were told about the Vick and after four years of nothing working within a couple of weeks using Vicks he's nail is now normal

    Well worth a try

    Good luck sweetie

    Keep well xx

  • How do you keep the vicks from coming off while sleeping? Have taken everything the dr told me to use and still have the yellow horn toe nail, even use the nail varnish for a year with no results.

  • Hi Bev I had this and was told it was a fungal infection. My podiatrist recommended filing the nail and putting neat tea tree oil on every day. It spread to the other toes. After a year and no improvement my gp gave me a special nail varnish, that didn't work either. So I had a blood test to check my liver function which was ok and I started Terbinafine. Gp said it would take about 6 weeks it took 18 months. My Rheumatologist said no one on mtx and anti Tnf can treat an infection with tea tree oil! So yes I would see your gp asap.

  • Sounds like my toenails. I have PsA although don't have psoriasis. Clemmie

  • Sounds like my toenails and I definitely have Ps in nails, ask to see a dermatologist who will be able to confirm.

  • If the nail becomes thick and yellow, then it is a fugus. A very common one and getting rid of it is nearly impossible. Doctors say it is your immune system that is unable to fight it and you will always get it back after a treatment with meds. A funny thing really happened with my husband who had been suffering from the fungus for many years then it suddenly disappeared after he had been on the antiinflammatory diet with me for some months. We could only interpert it as the diet gave a boost to his immunesystem. His diet is not as restricted as mine but he has left out gluten, dairy and sugers as well as legums and nightshades. Who knows 😊

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