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Hello Ivery applied for ssdi due to all my medical issues and have not had surgery for any of them I had no issuance for the last 3 years. I have been denied 6 times omg what's it gonna take because I am Constantly In pain I'm depressed I get no sleep until recently placed on ambien. I was injured on my job in 2012 I loss use of my right arm due to this chronic pain I don't understand disability, what to do what to do? Has anyone gone through this or maybe still going through this?

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I take it you're not in the UK buttascotch? The benefit system is of course different to ours so I can't help I'm afraid. Have you received a rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis & is it that you're not well controlled on your meds? I ask as this is the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society's website, a UK based charity.

I think the first thing that needs attention is your meds, they're obviously not working & you need to be in a better place pain & inflammation wise & then it's not so much of a struggle. Your depression may well lift as the pain level decreases, you must feel to be in an awful place just now trying to cope.

I hope you'll see your GP or Rheumy & start banging some desks.


Yes a lot of meds I have them I usually have some side effects rashes and hives but I have an attorney working on my case now I'm going to have a long wait before I see a judge the 1st time it was 16mos the only thing that gives me some relief is a steroid shot I have medical now I couldn't afford the medical bills in the last 3 years I keeping up though trying to figure which medication is gonna work best otherwise surgery may have to get done but thanks for your response nomoreheels.


I went through it and finally got it 10 yrs ago. It took me over 3 yrs and I had to fight it all the way to the Circuit Court of Appeals. I had to have a lawyer to take me thru the initial filing and then thru the first denial, reconsideration appeal, and then before the ALJ Judge who denied me. Another lawyer took it to the circuit court of Appeals and they found errors in the ALJ Judges findings. This did not automatically win my case, it just sent it back to the same ALJ Judge that denied me. Like you, I did not have medical insurance so I was at the mercy of county hospitals, sliding fee clinics, etc. to make a long story shorter, you must have excellent medical documentation from treating Drs and meet or equal a "Listing". I had to borrow money to buy medical insurance and it took about 3 yrs of medical documentation before I got my last court date to go before the same ALJ Judge. There were about 4 other people in the room, 2 were Drs and a vocational expert, along with the Judge and court reporter, my lawyer and myself. In the end one of the Drs declared I should have been awarded at the initial filing and the Judge agreed. I was awarded back pay from the date of my initial filing. The 2 lawyers took 5,000 each. But I was thrilled for it to be over. Having said all this, remember it's just my story. I've known people who have received it with less problems than me at initial filing. A lot depends on where you live. Some states are more strict. Hope this helps and doesn't discourage you too much.


Thank you linda Dee that's pretty much what I went through with my previous attorney now I have a new 1 who preparing for court before the ALJ once again it's a long wait but I'm still trying to get controlled meds I just got a steroid shot after 2 1/2 years of not having insurance having to pay outta pocket at urgent care facilities so now I have medicaid maybe I can get the pain relief that I need without having surgery but pray for me Linda Dee and thanks again for your response.


Glad I could help buttascoch. They will take into consideration the treatment you are receiving. I was getting Lumbar Epidural Injections at the time and I recall them saying "who would go through that unless they were in severe pain." It's pretty unfair because if you have good insurance you're more likely to be getting better medical care, therefore winning your case faster. If you don't have insurance, most clinics don't have or take time to fully document medical conditions and word it in the way the SSA wants. good luck.


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