update on daughter

Well daughter has been in hospital for a week, they found a nasty virus that they didnt want it to mature. It would do a lot of damage. The good news is there could be action on the bone marrow transplant in the middle of Dec. We all have our fingers crossed. I said to her there is a small light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully it will get bigger the nearer we get to the time.

I also have my father ill his sight has gone funny all of a sudden and he cannt stand up . SO that means he has to be helped to the toilet. I cannt visit him while seeing my daughter as i dont want to take the infection to her. So have asked my sister to keep me informed.

At the moment i am having a day of visiting her, first day not seeing her since she went in. My hands a hurting today , so thats all the typing i can do.

Sending you all hugs and best wishes.


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  • Best wishes to you all, I hope things get easier soon. M xx

  • I hope that light get brighter for her darling. Thanks for the update.xxxx

  • Everything's crossed for December & I hope your dad's trouble is sorted easily. Remember to take care of you too! x

  • Keep trying, going for chest x-ray tomorrow. Taking granddaughter for one as well. On another lot of antibiotics to stay infection free. Have COPD as well so coughing the usual thing. I think it was low oxygen that did it. Will see how i feel after going to a different hospital for chest x-ray, this one is the other side of town. My daughter is just pleased that i'm taking her daughter for hers at the same time. Have to get back for her son coming out of nursery.

    Thanks for quick response sending you all hugs.


  • Hope all goes well.

  • Thanks. Hope you are doing ok.

    Sending you hugs. XXX

  • Keeping fingers crossed for all of you that all goes well! Gentle hugs!

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