All back on track with my daughter :)

Hi all hope you are all having a pain free day. just to let you know..... all went well with my Daughter Tuesday evening, after a lovely meal and a long chat we have really sorted things out . We are both happy and my hubby and i have alayed her fears of my illness. We had a fantastic time with our grandsons too!! so thank you all for your kind words of support, very much appreciated soft hugs lena xxx :))

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  • Lena, i am so pleased that you managed to clear the air and things are better between you and your daughter. Sometimes they don't realise how much they hurt us do they. I bet your grandsons had a field day with you and your hubby.xxxx

  • thanks sylvi yes we had a lovely time with them and it was good to sort it all out . Thanks again hun xxx :)

  • Lena lovely news. xx

  • thanks miss weight off my mind i must :)

  • Thanks scouser me too xxx :)

  • good to hear lena, we all need our family though we do need to give of about them now and again as well

  • thanks mads i agree :)

  • Sorry I missed out on this one Lena but really glad you are back on track with your daughter and grandkids - it makes a huge difference how we are with our kids I know. Xxx

  • its okay tilda you have a lot on your plate recently , i'm okay now all good . hugs lena :) xx

  • I'm really glad that things have been sorted out for you and your daughter, one of the best meds are having a good chat about things that are on your mind xx

  • i so agree shirl thanks for the support really appreciate it . Much happier now . hope you are feeling a little better . hugs lena xxx :)

  • That's really good news Lena, so glad you got everything sorted out. Take care xx

  • thanks penny lane me too , and you hun thanks again hugs lena xxx :)

  • Hi Lena,so pleased its all sorted,nothing worse than falling out with your adult children. Now you just need some sun to try out those water guns!! x

  • haha i agree caza thanks hun xxxlena

  • Yeeeeeeeehhhh xx

  • my centiments too allanah thanks hun xxx lena

  • hi sorry missed all your blogs pleased things are a bit better?.. have you left us? dont go x

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