Knee brace can cure my knee pain?

Hi! I got a knee injury and since then it has been difficult for me to dance. Now it hurts very bad and I get pain even when I stand. Need to stay the same position for few minutes otherwise it’ll be difficult to walk. I can walk fine but can’t continue my passion in this situation. I have consulted a physiotherapist and started the treatment and the pain was gone.

Treatment was good and was feeling better to continue my classes. But everything went wrong in the first week itself. My mom insisted me to avoid classes for few weeks and use a knee brace . Is there anyone tried the same or any other way that helped to cure this issue? How about yoga therapy any idea? Please help.


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  • I have seen lots of articles and reviews about yoga therapy will cure the body pain. I want to know will this help me in this issue.

  • It's very difficult to comment when we don't know what you have done to your knee. You would be better asking the physio who has seen your knee and made a diagnosis.

    Yoga is very good for general flexibility and keeps me able to move much better than I would otherwise be able to do, but it can't cure a physical injury.

  • Thanks, oldtimer for your valuable reply. I will consult my doctor to know more about this.

  • I've used a patella strap before to great success but I would get professional advice if I were you.

    All the best


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