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After a couple of yours putting off having a knee replacement I I plucked up the courage to have it done 5weeks later my knee only bends 90 degrees it feels very hot and my ankle really hurts, is this normal ? Getting fed up not able to do things and not really knowing what I should and should not be doing , is it still early days? I should I go back and see my doctor, thank you in advance

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  • My brother just had it done about 4 weeks ago. He is same

    Don't know about hot though

    Could ask him if you want me to

    But he can barely bend it

    Regrets it now 😞

  • Hi I have had two knee replacements and it is so important to do the Physio and with the help of cold packs ( not direct on skin ) and they will bend but not like your old knees.good luck to him and to keep going,after all it is only four weeks .

  • Still relatively early days. It can stay hot for around 6 months. Had my left TKR done mid March this year. Not sure what is really normal as I had a hairline fracture and could not weight bear for the first 6 weeks but now bend, stability and pain are good. Might be worth asking your physio about the ankle and whether any extra stretches/exercises would help (I know I had to do some hip exercises as it was my hip that hurt). Farm

  • Ask about the heat and the pain, but do the won't get the mobility back without.

  • I was going to suggest you get help from a physio. I'm interested to hear how people are getting on as I'm having knee done on 5 November. Apprehensive!

  • It is a hard decision to go ahead as there is no going back. The first few weeks are tough and does take its toll on your body. It is a balancing act between exercise and rest as the swelling needs to go down to allow full movement of the joint. I recommend oral morphine as you can take every 4 hours day and night and vary between 5 - 15ml as needed. Farm

  • At least he's gonna do yours cathie I'm still waiting back to hospital Tom I'm not expecting miracles xx

  • Hi Lacy, you must keep up the exercises but afterwards rest, and a bag of frozen peas on the knee wrapped up in a towel will help with the heat. Exercise at least 3-4 times a day....I know it hurts but be strong and shout out loud if you have to. Hugs W.

  • I had mine knee replaced 18 months ago, the first 6 weeks I wished I hadn't had it done. did all exercises the physio threw at me, which helped.

    Are you still using ice packs on a regular basis?

    So glad I had it done. No pain and great movement.

    If your worried contact your doctor.

    Hope that helps


  • I have no choice I can barely walk now and have a great physio who will keep me going outwith the hospital. I'll blog once its done - scheduled for 5th Nov but who knows!

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