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Supplements & Bioresonance

I am working on how I can stay as good as I can for as long as I can, without taking medications, unless I absolutely cannot manage without.

I have just been to a local (in Spain so local to our house in Spain) clinic. Spain is much better at combining western medicine with complimentary medicine and I went because I wanted dietary and supplement advice. We are working on balancing my system as I am taking immune suppressants so we worked with Bioresonance. All those who are dismissive of 'alternative' approaches - stop reading now as this method works on a scientific basis of quantum physics not bio-chemistry - with which western medical methodologies tend to focus.

This is individualized medicine - to compliment the prescription meds I take, not replace them, and ensure there is no interaction between certain foods and supplements.

For those who don't know Bioresonance is a way of working not with with electro-magnetic resonance - i.e. if you are familiar with Field Theory - particle/wave vibrations which can be picked up through a very sensitive machine. It is a way of testing whether or not a particular medicine, food or supplement is helpful, neutral or has a negative impact, for anyone who is interested, you can google it.

I will not go into the details but the findings were of great interest to me as it showed that the Ubiquinol I have been taking did absolutely nothing for me so I have now switched back to COQ10 of a particular manufacture which showed a very positive result. All the supplements I take for osteoporosis tested positive. All the food intolerances that tested positive I mostly knew about - one surprise - Brocolli.

I am now, more than ever, convinced that treatments are very individual as the variables for each are too complex is simply say - this is good for you - this is not and there is no right or wrong so how can medics possibly give a global absolute yes or no on the efficacy on any substance?

Best wishes CD

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I've always relied on western medication, but I am willing to be opened minded about alternative approaches. Please keep posting whether this approach works or not. We are all on this site to help eachother achieve remission, not to judge how we get there. :)

Take care



Thanks for your reply Sue, I will. It is going to be a tough one as I am going to have to change my eating habits and it sits alongside western medicine, it is not instead - which is what I like about it.


Have you actually talked to a physicist about whether this makes sense?


If this works for you then that's good. It sounds complicated and probably won't be suitable or practical for everyone. I will certainly look into it and speak to Consultant about it as well.


Try of course but you will probably be told that it is quackery. I neither believe nor disbelieve that this machine works but I was very interested in the results as a lot of what came out I knew about anyway but had not said. I went to a qualified Chinese doctor who practices acupuncture, nutrition and integrative medicine. I was not expecting a miracle cure, just some solid advice about nutrition and supplements, he suggested using the machine as he thought it was the most accurate way he knew of giving advice. I paid what I would say as a modest sum 40E for a session which lasted 95 mins.

To Don, no I haven't talked to a Phyicist as it is known that the mechanics work through electro resistance of the skin and so was dismissed by the medical profession some years ago and slated by Quackwatch & Wikipedia - as has a good many other 'alternative' methods. I have worked with Field Theory as a psychotherapist in many very strange and inexplicable ways and had some weird experiences which I cannot explain, but then most physicists are also struggling to explain quite a lot of phenomenon so I don't feel too bad. And even the NHS offer acupuncture, if you are lucky enough to find a GP who is also an acupuncturist, don't think anyone has been able to explain acupuncture satisfactorily to the physicists either, but it is very useful for chronic pain, I can vouch for that!

I am not going to defend the practice nor slate it. Truth is I don't know but I value the opinion of this doctor who works with modern medicine, and only time will tell if the diet and supplements help me or not.

As an individual I embrace all experiences and make up my own mind as to whether or not a treatment was effective for me,


It is encouraging to read your post. I , too, am keen to avoid medication as I have had allergic reactions to two already. I am eating a high iron, high vitamin diet and feel small improvements.

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