Skin Irritation

Good morning ALL

I have MTX, HCQ, AA, STEROIDS and other meds for RA & PMR, plus I am Diabetic. I do wonder what all these drugs do to the system. Anyway I have been having a rough time recently and have now developed skin irritation round my joints then the pain kicks in really bad. Has anybody else had these symptoms ? I struggle with strong painkillers so try to cope with just Paracetamol.

Have a good day everyone x

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  • I get skin irritation, little bumps under the skin which itch, around joints when they swell and are sore and stiff, I am only on Cellcept (immune suppressant) & Pyridstigomine (Acetycholine eterase) for Mg (muscle weakness) and no RA drugs. I thought the skin irritation was a symptom of RA?

  • I've found that sometimes the skin itches when it's getting red and the joint beneath is swelling? If that's the same for you, it's just part of the inflammation.

  • Thank you, yes that's how I am. I am realising that if a joint itches I know it's most likely going to be painful. Take care x

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