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Well here I am!

First post nerves... Hi, diagnosed a couple of weeks ago with RA, having a flare, been having a similar story to quite a few Ive read here, misdiagnosies etc for about a year, hobbling around and then a juicy big flare up with a swollen knee and multiple joint stiffness brought it to a head. Went to Dr's, NHS appointment was months away so had to find the money to see a consultant at BUPA, he sorted me out with a jab in rear and a jab in the knee ("Oh My" I said as he did it lol!). He prescribed me hydroxychloroquine and I take naproxen (with the tummy pill too). I was on all sorts of painkillers from the drs, but Ive reduced and now stopped them for the moment. I thought in the first week I was going to go off my head with worry, a couple of calls and chats with NRAS helpline was very soothing and eased me away from a nervous breakdown, (I have pills for it which I decided not to take). I'm normally very calm, level headed and happy go lucky, but as I am sure most people here will understand, "My bubble burst" and I became a bit frantic!

I am working my way thru what seem a monumental amount of information, its difficult to absorb it all but slowly and surely I'm getting there.

I work as a hospital porter in Leicester, I'm married to Rach, have been for 20+ years. Got a little dog called Doris. I love to swim, had to knock the weight training on the head for now, not sure if Ill be able to do that again. Im on the sick till Monday, hopefully Ill get a phased return to work then, I really love going to work.

Ive so much to learn and I look forward to learning from your experiences.


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Hi a lot to get your head round but you will get there,this site is very good as we are all in the same boat.i myself was very out going but the RA soon reins you in so its a big life changer and you will soon learn to do things differently


Hiya & welcome Goodie, not bad for a first post, no nerves I can detect!! I was fortunate & had an easy introduction, GP said she suspected it & diagnostic clinic a fortnight later confirmed her suspicions & sent me away after a few hours with a bag full of meds including HCQ, the same as you.

I hope you enjoy being here, it's been a lifeline for me at times. I'm generally pretty well controlled, methotrexate has been my body's DMARD of choice for the past 6 years but it does seem as though double therapy may be looming, my meds are being tweaked just now but I'll get there again.

You'll have gathered we all get on happily, have various forms of the disease & on different treatments but we're bonded by the common knowledge that we understand how it is to live with a chronic autoimmune disease. If we can help ease your new journey do ask away, there's little we don't know between us. :)


Hi Goodie, nice to hear from you and welcome . Keep chatting the people here are lovely x


Welcome- I thankfully found this site and love it! It is great to feel that you are not alone and to see the range of experiences and how people deal with them. I live in Canada and haven't seen anything like his here. All the best! Cheers Doreen

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Welcome Goodie - this community has been like an online family for me. I'm sure it will help you no end too. It's always a shock being diagnosed with RA or related diseases so just take things as easily as you can. I hope you will be able to get onto an NHS rheumatologist's list now perhaps?

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Hi Goodie! Welcome. I'm pretty much a newby here and with RD myself. I really do enjoy this site. I'm in the US, and we don't have anything like this here. I've learned so much from everyone, and when you are feeling down/frustrated/sad, there's no better place to rant/vent/express than here. Everyone understands what you are going through, and that's so helpful!


Hi Goodie, Welcome to the site. The people on this site a great - so supportive, whether it's a question or a worry or if you just want a good old rant, they are here for you. So don't ever feel alone.

Best wishes



Welcome Goody :)


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