Well i am not surprised

Hi Everyone, Well i have had my results in today and i am not surprised that my CRP is now 14.2, That is the highest it has been since December, My liver is also raising again, i have been told i need to make a appointment to see my GP again, I am suppose to be returning to work for a few hours on Tuesday just to see how i cope, why does this happen when you are trying to get on track, i am also having a pain in my right leg, it isn't the knee it is more the side of my leg, So i don't know what i have done to that maybe i have pulled it i will have to see how it go, This isn't in the joint of the knee so could it be to do with RA?

Hoping you are having a pain free day XXXX

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  • Oh the joys! I suppose when your feet or knee is sore you walk funny so it could be u r subconsciously overusing that muscle? But of course get it checked out if needed. But what a shame the levels being high just as u r due back to work, hope u get in to see ur Gipson and see what's happening, hugs Axx

  • gosh.. what is the lowest it has been?? has it ever been less than 6??

  • Yes summer it was 1.2 only 4 weeks ago, but even then i was surprised as i wasn't feeling that good, but that was after they gave me the steroid injection in my knee, What a difference XX

  • Nightmare Shirl really feel for you as know you are desperate to get back to work and to normal life :(( ...reckon they need to switch your meds around , they do so say can take up to a year to get it all right ....stay positive Hun I'm sure things will improve ... Hugs C x

  • Thanks Claire, i think so to, We will have to see what the Rheumatologist says on the 15th May, It's only a few weeks away, Really didn't want to let my boss down as he has been so good, but i am sure he will understand, but i will do my best to get in, it is only for a few hours so i should be fine, Take Care XX

  • hi shirl

    :((( one step forward , two steps back .. so sorry shirl .. so many times these things crop up , just at the wrong time ... its like this bloody illness knows just when to flare up .. good luck ,, with work ... :((( ... hopefully it will be a good day ... fingers crossed

  • sorry forget the .. xxxx :))

  • I know Andy it is always the way, i know i have been a bit worried about if i will be able to cope with work, but not so bad as to have a flare, but who knows,Thanks for the reply and remembering my kisses XX

  • Does your CRP get done every month then Shirl? I only ask as I don't think mine gets checked. Hopefully it will all start settling down for you soon, will keep everything crossed for you x

  • It should be done every month now, but because of my alt still being high sometimes, they have still been doing it every 2 weeks, Do you have your ESR checked instead? as it seems that some people have the CRP and some have ESR, which i believe is all the same, Shirley XX

  • Ahh that must be it, I get my ESR checked :-) Don't want to be missing out! x

  • That's ok it is good to check, the only thing that seems different is the score level for them both for example the other month the nurse done the CRP and my ESR and the CRP was only 1.2 and my ESR was 27, Take Care XX

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