Child proof bottle caps, cling film, shoe laces

are just a few innocuous items that make my life challenging... and give me the giggles sometimes.

The child proof bottle caps that you have to squeeze and push down are the worst - a can of oven cleaner has been the latest to challenge me :) I did eventually win the battle! Bleach bottles (grrrr), medication dispensed in those lovely little brown bottles with the white child proof cap... (bigger grrrrr)

cling film.. can't live without it, can't manage to not get it wrapped around everything but what it should be around when trying to tear it off on the serrated box end.. i shall persevere and one day win this battle too.

shoe laces.... I don't remember being taught to tie my shoelaces but I imagine it looks something similar to what I look like these days trying to get them tied properly.. (and pulled tight enough)

squeezing toothpaste out..

squeezing the conditioner bottle to get the gloop out

getting the squeeze buckle on the dogs collar to clip and unclip

Most days I just laugh and giggle at the ridiculousness of the situation.. other days I turn the air blue (is that the correct saying?) :)

If i didn't laugh at these i'd go completely doolally :)

anyone add to the list?

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  • Mtx tablets in bottles with impossible to undo with RA child proof lids. Oh the irony!

  • agreed - i collecting my tablets tomorrow - going to ask the pharmacist if there's an alternative (i dont have children :)

  • Milk bottle tops

    New sauce bottles with plastic underneath the lid

    Blister packs (as well as childproof caps) for pills

    Cans with ring pulls

    Cans without ring pulls

    Locks on window handles (push and turn)



    Greetings cards in sealed cellophane

    Can't get socks on

    Can't knit

    Can't sew .......

    Da da daa da

    There must be more!

  • yeah, how could i forget the milk bottle tops - especially that lovely safety/health seal under the cap :)

  • Normalpurses.. can't get my money or cards out so have an old fashioned purse. Sweets in bags

  • when the shop keeper hands you your change or bank card and it feels like you performing an elaborate and complex magic trick trying to get it back in the relevant slots etc...

  • lol brilliant reply made me laugh... yes an incompetent magician

  • Yes, and you can't keep them waiting because there's a queue of people behind you, tutting!

  • Great Post...I can no longer use my stapler or hole punch at work unless I give them a whack...which obviously isn't advisable....also trying to get my car into reverse with a very stiff gearbox...or maybe it's just me!! 😢

  • sorry but i had a giggle at whacking the punch and stapler... Its like looking at these little things and thinking how the hell are they winning .. realising they are - taking a 2 pound hammer, smashing it and feeling smug 'cos you won :)

  • Yes, I remember well - fighting with the stapler, especially thinking you'd given it a big enough whack only to find it hadn't gone all the way through! Then you had to take (or in my case, find someone else) to take it out and start again!

  • Resealable bags where you line up the plastic groove

    Bag clips

    Trigger type air freshners, bathroom cleaner etc.

    Spring type pegs

    Clip fastening on child restraints, pushchair, highchair, car seat etc.

  • oh yes! convenient resealable bags... convenient?? pffft :)

  • Pens,i have to have thick pens these days no dainty pens for me. Trying to undo secateurs when you want to do some

  • The lids of yogurt cartons,

    Water bottle tops,xxxx

  • The squirty household cleaner bottles with a trigger where after one squeeze I have to use both hands and then give up!

  • I actually contacted a pharmaceutical firm as the bottles of Leflunomide for my RA were impossible to open. I had to wait for my son or daughter to do it. I did have a giggle, the drug that's supposed to help, I can't even get into. I then got a bit annoyed. The company apologised and said they would look at their packaging again x

  • Putting my socks and shoes on, doing up buttons, opening anything, typing, holding things, walking without tripping, wiping myself after going to the loo, reaching around to wash and dry myself in the shower, oh the list goes on and on. I must say I almost took a hammer to one bottle of pills, I just couldn't open the damn lid. hahahahah

  • All of the above! Had a right giggle reading all the comments.......turning the key in the front door.......I could cry sometimes......the dogs pulling my arms in two different directions at the one do have to laugh though sometimes.

  • Liquid washing powder in the squeeze bottle.

    Spray deodorant

    Little buttons

    Press studs

    Stock pot lids

    The list goes on 😁

  • Ditto to all the above.

    I'm in remission now so things are a lot easier but remember it well.

    When paying for shopping and having to hold loose change in your hand and then trying to put it back in your purse, I ended up just handing over a note and then throwing the change into my handbag rather than trying to put it in my purse. Once managed to accumulate over £12 in change, trouble is it makes your bag heavy.

    Getting £1 in and out of supermarket trollies.

    Putting money into car parking machines, once dropped my £1 and it rolled under a car never to be seen again.

    Pulling out plugs.

    Once when trying to open a box of bran flakes, the air did go blue then I burst into tears with the flustration of not being able to do it.

    Peeling a banana.

    The list really is endless.

    Now, don't get me talking about the RA drugs and syringes. I inject both MTX and Enbrel. Just can't understand why they make it so difficult a task to get the injection ready. With MTX I have to screw the little red stopper off the end and then screw the needle on to the vile. With Enbrel the plastic cover over the needle is really difficult to pull off, not well thought of any of this due to RA making hands and fingers painful.


  • When I was injecting with MTX I had to get my husband to get it ready for me as I could not get stopper off, now on Leflunomide as above cannot get into bottle. Have started to get husband to open and then I put them into a one week pill box.

  • Me too! Now on the pens & just about sorted a way I can do that myself.

  • I've an answer to your purse problem Paula, my h bought me a brilliant tray purse with a notes section, just like a normal purse except you don't have to ferret about trying to grip the coins.

    Also I have some plugs we bought from Ikea which have a big round hole moulded into it so you can pull them out of the socket, works very well.

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