Who says things are easier these days

Obviously not anyone with a rheumatic or joint problem.

Iv'e just spent the last 10 mins trying to open a bottle of toilet cleaner trying to squeeze the 2 flat sides together and twist the lid at the same time not only difficult but painful. The same with the bleach may have to see if I can find any easier bottles to buy although I am sure these comply with health and safety laws and are child protective they are making my life more difficult.

Its not only household cleaning products which are a problem, toothpaste will have to move on to a plunger dispenser I think

Milk the little green plastic tag and the hermetically sealed foil circle are both a challenge as are the tetra pack and plastic seal on longlife milk. oh for a pint of silver top and a milkman to deliver it so wouldnt have to carry.

cooked meats in plastic sealed containers are nearly impossible to open with these fingers. oh for 1/4 boiled ham in greaseproof paper and a paper bag

I complained about preparing vegetables the other day and YES supermarkets now sell ready prepared veg but yet again you have to get into the plastic sealed packets not to mention the price.

If you are unfortunate to be in hospital or lucky enough to be in a nice hotel both still present the same challenges. Individual packets of butter,jam,marmalade,biscuits,milk and cereal packets. At least at home when you have managed to get the ceral packet open once it lasts a week or so.

Anyway enough of my frustrations I am sure that the 50's and 60's had there problems but access to the essentials of everyday life was much simpler I am sure


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  • I use a sharp knife to open meat packets,i have a bottle opener thingy for bottles and i have a thingy also for opening cans.I get my hubby to open things when we are out and when we are at home.Trouble with all these gadgets is they cost money don't they.

    I hope your well cris.xx

  • Hi I am new to this site but you have just summed up what I go through every day and its not until you go through it yourself that you realise how frustrating every day life is. I can accept the pain and take something for it, but not being able to do such simple things as making a cup of tea is much worse. When I go food shopping now, I look at packaging and clothes shopping is a nightmare - buttons, shoelaces and Velcro which I can't grab or pull. But I can still open the curtains each morning and hear the birds sing and that brightens my day. Hope your day gets better. Chris

  • Oh Cris - you are spot on there. I've tried opening bleach bottles with my teeth before now. I'm not sure that it would pass any health and safety regs. xx

  • This is a real pain. I was so frustrated with a bottle of milk from waitrose - name and shame that I hurled it at the kitchen wall and then had to spend ages mopping it up. If I can remember I ask people to open them for me to break that nasty seal. At an art class a fellow student told me that she hits the top of water bottles on the floor and indeed it worked, though that's not easy with painful hands. Wasn't there a student who was designing bottle tops on here a while ago? My partner suggested I ask a neighbour or stop someone in the street, but I haven't got there yet!

  • nice to know we are not alone but also to laugh at the difficulties we have


  • The worse thing for me is the screw tops on red wine now!! Now thats serious. Not sure I could ask my neighbours or stop someone on the street to help!! I threw the kettle across the kitchen once,that was a bad day,teeth hairbrushing was impossible,took to the sofa for the day. X

  • Know where you r coming from with the wine bottle and you had to take to the sofa for a day hope you managed to get the wine bottle lid off that day!!! I Had to go onto wine or whisky cos the glass is lighter than a pint pot!!!


  • I've just treated myself to a new kettle with a button to press to open the flip-up lid, instead of having to wrench the lid off the old one. It's also pink, which adds to my joy. Someone else recommended transferring things like shampoo, conditioner, washing up liquid to pump action bottles because they are easier than squeezing. I buy pre-grated cheese, kilo-for-kilo surprisingly cheap, and store it in a plastic box to save fiddling around with a zip-lock bag. Clothing-wise, I don't buy anything that would need extensive ironing - if you can't flatten it by folding it neatly in a pile, then I don't want to wear it.

  • got a new kettle 4 months ago b4 my hands got bad and finding that heavy now ( but it matches my new kitchen) I buy grated cheese and nothing that needs extensive ironing ( or get somebody else to do the ironing) I do the shopping but get someone to pack it and someone to carry it in from the car.

  • I have a frustrating time with perforations on loo rolls! Although puppies apparently enjoy unfurling them, is that supposed to indicate a hazard to those of us not so nimble? It hurts my wrists when they (the rolls) don't tear along the perforations but, even more disconcerting, is random glue distribution in manufacture that tears a passage through the centre of the sheets leaving a hazard that needs no explanation! 

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