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Hello one and all.

Has any one had experience with Social Services and/or Occupational Health? I am looking into having an assesment done to have adaptations to help me in the home (some days I can't lift the kettle) and have someone identify what my individual needs are. I struggle to get up stairs most days, I can't grip objects in my left hand, getting out of bed in the morning is a real battle etc.

Any advice is helpfully received as always.

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  • Hi, just gone through some of this Ange and it was lovely.

    They just asked my mum ijn law how she did things like making tea, or getting up the stairs and could she get in and out of a bath etc. I just told them what i found difficult such as her falling and me not knowing that she had fallen. They after asking questions asked if she would like to try for example a hoist for over the bath. We tried it for about 6 weeks but she couldn't move her legs over the bath so straight away they wrote to her bungalow people and now within another 6 weeks she has a stand in shower with a chair...free.

    She was also given a walker, trolley table, high stool to try and some helped other things didint. So it was VERY positive for us. They also sent the Falls team who gave her a monitor buzzer and non slip mats etc

    . Hope it goes well for you, just tell them what your problems are these people are there to help you and are usually more than helpful. Axx

  • Contact your local Adult Services Team within social services and request a needs assessment, most do a quick assessment over the telephone and if needed come out to do a home visit.

    During the visit she/he will discuss your needs and ask what it is you have problems with. As Allanah has said there's a range of aids they can supply, I have a stair lift, walk-in shower with built in seat, bath support rails and seat (helps me when I need to lay in the bath to ease the spinal/hip pain), kettle riser, support rails on doors etc.

    There are all sorts of aids for the simple tasks around the home from; kettle risers to tap turners, specialist cutlery and door rails etc etc.

    Ring them their information and contact details should be on your local council website. Social Services are NOT the monsters everyone makes them out to be.

    Beth x

  • They are wonderful I have all the gadgets I need Kent are very helpful

  • Thanks for that; as I'm in Kent hopefully I will get someone nice! Considering I am only recently 40, my body some days acts as though it is 90. I have started to write down the things that I struggle with, and record my daily pains as whenever I see a GP or consultant etc , I forget everything and only give them a small snapshot of what I can remember. On good days I have doubts that I actually have RA, and am just achey from overdoing it, but as another post said recently - the docs don't give you the meds if you don't have it! I am adjusting and accepting the limitations that I have but it is all so new to me. Hopefully in a year I will look back and feel so much better than I do at the moment. I will let you know how I get on with OT.

    Much love



  • Thanks Beth and Allanah, I feel less scared and will pluck up the courage to give them a call tomorrow. Hopefully I can get the assesment done soon. Will keep you posted.

    much love



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