Lost for a little while

It's been a while since I posted anything as I was lost for a little while. After the dreadful way I was treated by my old manager and HR persuading me against making a claim for bullying I ended up in a dark place and signed off from work. I'm back now and emerging from the darkness and back into the light. I refuse to let work get to me like that again. I am, however, looking for a new job as I no longer feel able to work for an organisation that I have no faith in. I believe that I will find something soon, I have to.

I hope everyone is doing ok

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Hi there. I just wanted to say well done, and wish you good luck in your job search. I took early retirement last October on ill health grounds, and having commuted into London for 35 years I know how stressful the journey is on top of a full days work, even when I was fit and well. You were diagnosed at such a young age too. You sound to have regained your confidence, as you should, and I'm sure you will find a much better company to work for. Best of luck - I think you're amazing. Angela.


Thank you so much Angela. I just wish my employer could see it. They don't understand how much effort it takes to work full time and commute with RA and I feel badly let down by them. Your kind words really help. :)

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Hi , it's great to hear you are now being supported on your claim. I too was bullied massively by colleagues but extremly well supported by my boss, occu health and personell and now got my pension and ill health retirement.

But you keep going , work is great if you can manage and I hope you find a much nicer job with better managers!


I had been wondering about you but not everyone chooses to use the site when doing well but I see now you've been struggling, though very pleased you've come out the other end fighting & made the huge decision to move on from your job. Do remember we're here though if you feel you need some support another time.

Good luck finding a new position, I do hope you find a company more understanding of your needs. x


Thank you, me too


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