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Au revoir for a little while

Hi everyone who knows me,

I am going into hospital for a little while!, on Monday, to have some tests and scans excetera. Have been very off colour past few weeks, and, as I am sure many of you will share the experience, of 'feeling in a complete mess'.

I have been going to change my photo, but realised I cannot do it on my ipad, and at the mo, just can't be bothered to fiddle with the laptop.

I think I am going to start Rituximab, whilst I'm in, and at the mo, the thought is slightly overwhelming me.

Have given up on being a volunteer, because I don't think I give the time. Sylvi, should have an award for always being there for all.

Wishing bright,sunny days for all of you and speak soon.


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Good luck, hope you get the treatment you need. Hope you are feeling better really soon. X jo


Oh sorry you feel so bad, and hope the treatment works for you, Ill pray you start to feel better soon, I won't subject you to any of my 'bad poems' had lots of tests recently and the antibiotics seem to have done the trick, mind you I am behaving myself and back on MTX the sickness only lasted 3days..... All the best

Love Carol


Hi Carol, thanx for your reply.

Just read your latest ditty, they make me smile, don't stop.



Morning Chubby,Don't know you but that's irrelevant on here we are all here for each other, as it should be.I don't know anything about Ritiximub, hopefully someone will come on with positive comments on it for you.

Have had more (feeling a complete mess) moments myself than i care to remember,think a lot of us on here do.I got through them and i'm sure you will too.

Hope they look after you well in hospital with a good outcome,let us know how it goes.

love and best wishes Beth 48 xxxx

PS agree with the Sylvi comment.


Good luck Jenny. Hope it does the trick.

B xx


Hope they don't keep you in too long, just long enough to sort you out, so you're back soon. Take care, Pollyx


Jenny, you take care and i hope they sort you out soon and your back on here giggling along at some of the antics we get up to.



Hi Jenny - take care and please don't say goodbye to us all for too long - good luck with your hospital stay I hope they can help you and that you're back here soon feeling much better.

Tilda xxx


Hi Jenny, this disease really affects our mental wellbeing and drains the life out of us. I do hope your feeling better very soon and they get you sorted out in hospital.

Good luck with the new meds.

Beth xx


Hi Jenny - please don't despair, we've all been there and for me I thought there was no end to the pain as they had tried all the DMards and biologics to no success......then I started Rituximab last September. It has been a life saver for me and I hope for you also. The first cycle reduced some of the stiffness & pain but by May they decided to give me another cycle. You have to wait at least 6 months from first cycle so I was lucky to get it but it has really made such a difference. Don't be despondent if you don't see an immediate improvement but I've yet to meet anyone who it has not helped. Also the side effects they have to tell you about only occur 1 in every 20,000 so in my opinion well worth the risk. I really do wish you well and hope that you are given the chance to try Rituximab and that you get the same results as me.

Take care and good luck......

Sue x


Good luck for your hospital stay xx The treatment could make all the difference to you and I hope it does x


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