Tips for pain relief please!

Hi there today I have taken paracetamol, codeine, ibuprofen and morpine.....pain in shoulders is still quite bad.....what else can I take???

Back to work increasing to 3 half days a week.....up from 2'half this too much?? My shoulders am and hands have been flaring all weekend.....feels so good to be back at work but it's causing me agony!!!!

Also waiting for cimzia....and on 25 mg steroids....think I should go,up to 30 mg while I wait........I know it's a high dose but I am in distress ...... Any thoughts's half 12 I'm in my dressing gown but I am thinking of opening bottle of wine!!!! It's medicinal!!!!!!!

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  • Hmmm- not sure you should be taking anymore meds and the wine may not be the wisest move either? It's a killer when you're in so much pain, nothing touches it. Have you tried heat ? A stronger anti imfamatory than brufen perhaps?

    I'd just urged you to be cautious.

    Wishing that your pain eases over the day.

  • Hi Phoo

    This would be a tough one for people to answer on here, as really it sounds like you need medical advice! Everyone's situation will be different and I think you need to speak to your doctor about pain relief and to your rheumatology team about your steroids. Even if people respond on here with their experiences, following what they have done could be dangerous for you, as everyone's medical history and medications past and current is different, so the advice needs to be catered to the individual.

    I hope you get help with this.

    Kind regards



  • YeP just so frustrated not better yet....

  • I used to think knee pain was bad enough but shoulder pain is draining as every move sets it off as well. I had some relief using an electric heat pad (the heat is constant compared to a wheaty bag). Mine would turn off after a set time in case I fell asleep whilst using it. Hope you can get your cimzia soon and it will work for you. Farm

  • Hi Phoo2 Please don't self diagnose/medicate, be guided by your Drs. It sounds as if you have really over done things. Rest, take professional medical advice and give yourself a break. Its too easy to push ourselves when we think we can work through the pain but in my experience it just makes things worse. Take care, wishing you well Carol xxx

  • I hear you carol but my rheumy said start with 20 mg pred then drop to 15 after 2 weeks and 10 after 4 weeks . I was in agony after dropping to 15mg ....,,, increased my dose back up and went to see a consulatant prvately.... he said it doesn't make sense to drop dose and suffer ..... and then so did my gp - they leave u so long without an appt (6 months!!!) u have to act like any sane person would in the interim..,,.. no???

  • Hi, don't know if you have heard or thought about it? Remedial sports massage? I go quite regularly as my muscles spasm and I NEED to get them unknotted. It's painful to have deep massage and can leave you feeling achy after, but the relief until the next spasms is def worthwhile

  • Have you ever tried an alternative therapy? I've had RA for 17 years now, sometimes copeable (is that a word) with and sometimes not. Reflexology has helped immensely with both pain and movement. Hope your pain subsides soon.

  • Before having a shoulder replacement I used lidocaine patches or a heating pad. I feel your pain.

  • Before my shoulder replacements I found heat very soothing, hot water bottle or electric shoulder pad. I took paracetamol and codeine during the day and oramorph before bed. Didn't take pain away completely but if I managed to get some sleep I coped better. Take care

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