Waiting but not patiently

Waiting but not patiently

So been waiting over a month now. Still nothing despite numerous calls to helpline and biological nurse, regarding starting my Rituximab infusions.

So had an appointment with the consultant today only yo oh and find the clinic had been cancelled and I wasn't informed grrrrrrr!

So I called the main hospital at 4.03 pm and was told everyone had gone home!!!!!!

So eventually got his secretary who is getting him to ring me.

But if I hadn't turned up...........


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  • For goodness sake. What's happened there? And how difficult can it be to set up Rituximab infusions?

    I hope your consultant feels so ashamed & embarrassed he'll get things moving ASAP.

  • Thats rubbish Allanah. Doesn't it make you feel cross when they mess around with our lives! I bet if anyone of then had experienced one day of your life they would hurry things along and treat you like a human being! I do hope that you get your medication soon and quickly!

    I must say though, what a beautiful photo x

  • How frustrating for you. If the NHS was run more efficiently, a huge amount of money and time could be saved.

  • OMG, That is so unfair and very very unprofessional of them. How gutting that they have done that to you. I hope you hear soon ad they book you in as a priority

  • What a bl.... fiasco!!!! Is it any wonder the NHS gets a bad name!


  • That is appalling...so how much longer will you have to wait now I wonder. Perhaps you could make a complaint.

  • Hope you eventually get that phone call and that the mess is sorted out,,hugs, Lynda xx

  • How difficult can it be to inform patients that a clinic's been cancelled?! It's just not acceptable is it, I would have been spitting mad if it had happened to me I can tell you. We've had this issue about shutting up shop early on a Friday, especially annoying when a nurse tells you it's better to make an appointment for a Saturday morning "it will be quieter" is what we've had in the past!

    I really do hope that his secretary does get him to ring you, you deserve explanations & fast track on to Rituximab for your trouble. I'm grumpy on your behalf Allanah, can you tell?!!! x

    Lovely photo by the way, where is it?

  • Not acceptable......at all!!! I'd be furious, and I am for you. How on earth can they do this to people? I'm so lucky with my clinic, but that makes me even more angry, because if it's possible to give an efficient, professional, caring sevice in one clinic, it should be possible in all clinics.

    I hope that you get a speedy resolution, and an apology. M x

  • Really hope you can get some answers on Monday. The NHS cogs seem to turn so slowly. When I got sent my new drugs the nurse could not do the instruction visit for 3 weeks and they were sat in my fridge. Farm

  • It's Kielder forest at sunset . Lovely place x great for star watching.

    So sat all day two phones in hand waiting on the call ftom consultant as promised. Guess what?? No call

    So ( I'm allowed) I'm putting myself back on steroids as I'm now in so much pain as I'm only on 10 mtx and haven't had any biologics for three month. # feeling angry!

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