Still Waiting

Still Waiting

Hi all, sorry to hear Sylvia is unwell. Sending her lots of hugs.

I have been taken off MTX for the time being as been getting breathless over the last few weeks. ECG and chest x-ray fine, had a CT scan yesterday and see my Rheumy on Thursday for the results. Also booked in for an asthma check just in case that is causing problems. If it is not one thing, it's another. Must admit feel much better being off the MTX - still get aches and pains in joints but Nurofen, Enbrel and Paracetemol cope with that as well as resting. If I stay off it, my hair may grow back - it has got very thin.

Still waiting to hear about my cancelled foot op. Saw the surgeon the day after we returned from holiday who said he would organise an urgent appt. 3 weeks on - nothing. You may have heard that our local hospital has been put into special measures. I am not surprised if my experience is anything to go by. When I saw the surgeon, I waited 30 minutes, then was sent off for another x-ray (they must have a book on my feet now!), radiographer queried if I was post operative, said no, she checked and confirmed that, sent me back to see surgeon who was being particularly vague but did at least have the last x-ray up on the screen (at least I think it was my foot - you never know these days). He did apologise but realised I was not very happy and I pointed out that by the time this is done, it will be a year since my GP referred me. Then he asked if I still wanted it done! I give up.

Had a lovely holiday in Cyprus - weather gorgeous and the joints were happy with the warmth. Slept a lot and just pottered around and met up with friends. Been away every weekend since - glad now to be home for 4 months with nothing planned apart from Christmas. How quickly that comes round. Shoulders have been painful and my elbow joints, fingers keep going off in all directions and I have to wrench them back again. Seeing chiropodist later today to have my feet done.

Have decided to get hiatus hernia repaired - thought I could put up with it, but it is getting worse and needs doing. GP phoning next week so that I can ask her to refer me to the gastro specialist. Otherwise I would have had to wait until December for an appt with her just to ask her to refer me. I understand it is keyhole surgery these days which shouldn't be too bad as I am hopeless with general anaesthetics and the less time I am "under" the better.

Anyway, that's all, thought I would just update you as I hadn't been on for a while. LavendarLady x PS photo is off my lovely hubby.

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  • Nice to hear from you despite those tribulations. And I empathise with the idea of being at home until the New Year now. We have one more trip north, then its hunkering down for me!

    Keep well

  • Good afternoon LL,i am so pleased to hear your still with us.You have been having a rough time of it haven't you my friend.WHich hospital do you go to as i know there is more than one in your area. Our hospital is also in special measures as well. Ours is the George Eliot and i think it is in the top five.Your hubby looks gorgeous.If you look at my profile picture you will see my hubby and daughter.So lovely to hear from you LL.xxxx

  • Sorry to hear your having a rough time of it, especially with the special measures at the hospital. Hope you get sorted soon. Lovely photo of your hubby.xx

  • nice to hear from you.. your hubby looks very dapper x

  • Lovely to here from you. Husband looks lovelyxx

  • Hi guys, will let you know once I have the results of the CT Scan. Must admit to being a bit worried but if it is the MTX causing lung problems, then I am sure there is a remedy somewhere! LL x

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