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Hi everyone just wondering what to do have been waiting for an appointment from the hospital for my yearly review which should have been in June but as yet haven't received one usually comes by post. Should I just sit and wait or get in touch with them? I have R/A which is spreading to my hips now so am more then ready to be seen! Hope you're all in not too much pain xxx

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  • I'd call them and ask when your appointment will be due. If they tell you it's a long way in the future, ask if you can make one sooner. x

  • Definitely call your Rheumy's Secretary, her phone number & email address should be on any correspondence you receive from your Rheumy. It might be an idea another time if you don't receive your appointment date to call to confirm there's one in the post at least a fortnight before you've been told you'll be seen next.

    In my Rheumy department my Rheumy tells me at the end of the appointment when she needs to see me next (usually 6 months but I only see her annually) & I go straight to reception who give me my appointment date & time. I then receive a voicemail questioning if I'm attending a week before said appointment. Far better I think. I receive my Rheumy nurse appointments through the post & fortunately they've always been at the 3 month between Rheumy appointments.

    Sounds like you're needing this appointment so I hope they can fit you in soon.

  • Don't wait! It is so easy to slip through the net & waiting times can be horrendous. I had to cancel one appointment about 3 weeks before it was due and they couldn't give me another date less than 9 months away.

  • Get in touch and check that you are still due to be seen soon. If not, then ask your GP to try and get you seen sooner.

  • Hi , ring them I got forgotten last year and my pain has not come back under control.my hospital has lost two nurses and just left patients until they rang to help them manage lack of appointments . Ring because mine are still doing it .good luck

  • Hi Crispe am going to ring thanks x

  • Ring appointments and tell them you expected to be seen in June. Last time I did this, they replied "Oh, yes, it is on the screen. We are running a bit behind with review appointments. What about next week?" !!! I think sometimes this is how they manage the waiting list - wait until the patient rings!

  • Thanks for that will do xx

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