Enbrel update

Enbrel update

well ladies and gentlemen I have done the third week of enbrel and it is going well so far. No rashes or any other reactions yayayayayay. It has made a difference to my fatigue levels which makes a big difference to my functioning at work. I am not almost crawling back to the car every afternoon and managing to stay awake to drive home. I am hoping the joint pain will decrease in time too

I went to the rheumy clinic and luckily the registrar was busy so I got to see a very experienced rheumy who said let's not bother with gold injection let's juts apply for the enbrel and see if the government approves it. So fingers crossed everyone that I am approved so that when my 3 month trial from the drug company is finished I can go on it via subsidised script. Amazing what can be achieved when you get someone experienced.

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  • Happy for you! It is so nice to get (part) of your life back. Have a Nice weekend!


  • It is nice to finish the week and not be so tired I want to fall over.

    :) You have a great weekend too

  • Great news! :)

  • Yes it is and I am hoping eventually it will deal with some of the pain.

  • Hey SOM , you might just have enough energy to enjoy your weekend! Great news, onwards & upwards....I do so hope you can bypass the gold injections & approval is swift. ;)

  • Thanks Nomoreheels. Apparently it will take 3-6 weeks so I am really hopeful it is 1. approved and 2. before I run out of this lot.

  • Fingers crossed that you get the go ahead, that's such good news. M x

  • Thanks you. Yes me too I have everything crossed.

  • Fabbydoo long may this state of affairs continue for you! X

  • I am really hoping that too Twitchy.

  • Great !!!! Such promising good news and laughed out loud at the photo!!

  • Heheh it is probably how my fingers feel a lot of the time.

  • Really hope this is the turning point for you. Good luck ☺x

  • Thanks. Yes I am really hoping that too.

  • Brilliant - I had a good 10 years on Enbrel with no side effects

  • Love hearing good news stories. I hope it does the same for me

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