Enbrel at last

Enbrel at last

all I can say is, something has finally gone right! woo hoo. The Enbrel was delivered in Wednesday and after a 2 1/2 wait to see GP I got in and had the first shot. What was incredibly amazing to him and to me, was that I didn't have a reaction woo hoo. everything I can cross is crossed that it keeps going well and it works for me. Thank you all who have been on this up and down journey with me.

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  • YEAH!!! :)

    May this one be 'the one!'

  • I am hoping so. I go to the rheumy clinic on 22nd and will have to try one of the final two DMARDS I ahven't as yet had, probably gold injections. I have to be on another DMARD to qualify to get enbrel through government health system.

  • Sounds promising --- really hope it works x

  • Me too, I have a lot riding on this.

  • Fingers crossed!!

  • Thank you

  • That's great news, at last! Everything crossed for you. :)

  • Yes it took a while but finally it came through. Thank you

  • Wonderful, well done for perservering too! Hope it is the magic one for you.

  • Thanks Helixhelix, I hope it is too. Had a chat with the rheumy nurse today who is one of those people that go above and beyond for her patients and she told me a patient yesterday abused her and accused her of sitting on her bum doing nothing. I felt so sad for her that I sent her some flowers to say what a good job she does, as I would not have had this happen without her.

  • Hope it works and you find a DMARD that will suit you. Enbrel worked for 7 years for me mainly on its own although did try at various points to add in a DMARD but my body would not tolerate them. Before Enbrel I was on Gold for around 6 years. Good luck. Farm

  • Thanks Farm. I am on hydroxy, not sure it does anything and I only have gold and Cyclosporin to go and I have tried them all. Did the gold have many side effects?

  • That was a few years ago between the two sets of kids and oldest of 2nd batch is 15 but can't remember anything standing out. I believe it was starting to lose its efficacy before I stopped and it was always said it would not work again if there was a break in treatment. Not sure whether it is used very much now or not - it does not seem to come up on here very often. I think you still have to go to the surgery for the gold injection. Farm

  • Thanks Farm. It is the next in line for me as I have failed everything but hydroxy and yet to try that and cyclosporin. In Oz I have to be in another DMARD for at least 3 months to make the eligibility for bDMARDs through the govt health subsidy. So gold is next up to try. They are going to show me how to do it at home as far as I know.

  • I really hope this works well for you xxc

  • Thanks Cathie.

  • Glad you finally got it. Really hope that it works for you. Clemmie

  • Thanks Clemmie, me too. :)

  • Hope it works hun. It's really refreshing to read when something is positive on this site x

  • Yes I thought I would share some good news instead of my usual things going haywire hahahaha

  • Fingers crossed that it works!! Best wishes. M xx

  • Thanks, I am really hoping that this is the one!

  • Delighted for you - sounds very hopeful and glad your rheumy nurse is such a gem. Sure the flowers made her day - lovely gesture. X

  • Thanks Twitchy, How's things with you?

  • I'm staying with friends - all three sons plus two girlfriends under one roof first time in ages - they are all about to go out partying here in Dundee.

    Meanwhile I'm in the worst flare ever - jaw, feet, ankles, knees, hands and wrists all excruciating ESR 58. Was gripping myself not to cry when we drove down. Not like me. Just tried to drown sorrows with max doses of naproxen, Ranitidine, codeine and paracetamol. Tummy not happy at all and so dizzy. GP refused me a steroid jab because he said my immune system would be too wiped with starting Aza next week. Don't understand this really?

    So glad for you though it really helps to know my fellow drug intollerent friend on other side of world is at last getting somewhere. Tx

  • Oh that is just so wrong. You have just not been managed at all well and I cannot believe they leave you with an ESR so high. Will you gt=et to speak to a rheumy at all? I am sure they wouldn't really let you go on like that with an ESR that high.

    I really hope the aza works for you, it didn't seem to do much for me apart from shoot my LFT levels through the roof hahahah

    Enjoy your time with your boys and I so hope you can get some relief soon. It is cruel what they are doing to you

  • Thanks - it does actually feel like cruelty. I generally cope quite well with pain but now it's everywhere and I don't know how to bear it - don't want to spoil my family's weekend away but I keep hobbling to the bathroom to howl. They are calling me "junky mum" because of the pill popping. I really need to move down here to get a decent rheumy service. My rheumy is remote and disinterested - gp deals with everything - he does email my rheumy but Imuran is the only plan with naproxen - which bloats me and seems to have lost its magic . X

  • You desperately need proper help, is it possible to move closer to better medical help? You need to see someone who is knowledgeable and has your bets interests at heart not just a number in the system. I so know how you feel though. I was like that last week and just couldn't stop crying, so unlike me. Big gentle hugs, sending you some strength

  • Thanks that's really kind. Looking around this area over the weekend with a view to moving here once youngest son leaves for uni in September. Finances are the main stumbling block though. Starting Imuran on Tuesday. Won't help straight away though. X

  • That sounds like a plan. Yes dreaded finances are the decision maker aren't they. No it takes a few months, like all of them, to work.

  • I know this applies to DMARDs but have sometimes read of people getting pretty rapid relief from Embrel - fingers crossed (ugh what an expression!) that this is you! X

  • yes I have been told that too. I am hoping the next one may be the start.

  • :-)

  • Wooooo Hoooooo!

    Good Luck!!!!

    Finally! I hope it kicks in fast and is the one to give you your life back! I got my fingers and toes crossed for you!

    I will be looking forward to updates on Enbril!

  • Thank Hobbits. I am really hoping it is too.

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