Second Enbrel injection

Second Enbrel injection

Well I managed to do the injection, didn't stuff it up as I feared I would, hahahah I have gotten home from work and to my amazement I am not like something the cat has dragged in, desperately wanting to lie down and die and have managed to sit at work all day and not take any pain relief since 6am this morning. Unheard of for the first time in 3 years! I am hoping it lasts until next weeks injection and I continue to feel improvement and no adverse affects. woo hoo

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  • Great news, what a boost for you. Love the picture !!! Clemmie

  • I know, I didn't expect any thing for a while but I realised this afternoon after a really incredibly busy day at work I didn't have to crawl back to the car after work. what a surprise!!! Hehehe yes got to love an emu

  • I really hope it works long-term. Love the hairstyle!!


  • Oh me too it would be wonderful. Yes a la Emu

  • Hi,

    I felt exactly the same as you did with my first few injections, I am now on the 5th Humeria injection and am starting to feel a bit better about doing it myself.

    It is working well for me too, isn't it lovely to have some relief from the pain!

  • I think it will take me a while to get used to injecting. Yes it is lovely to not be so shattered tonight. I am so glad I feel some difference. I go next week to clinic and I think I will have to start gold injections so I think I am going to be a pin cushion soon

  • Really pleased for you, hope you go from strength to strength! M x

  • Me too and so far no adverse reactions. Such a relief

  • Well what a change SOM, positive news lol !! Makes it worth the wait doesn't it, I hope it continues. Have a lovely weekend & don't overdo things because you're feeling like a new woman, enjoy having a rest because you want to & not because it's necessary. :)

  • Hahah nomoreheels, so true. But I am not feeling that amazing yet. You have a good weekend too.

  • That is so awesome!!! I'm so glad to hear you're doing well on the Enbrel, and I'm completely awestruck that you managed work for the last 3 years feeling as you did. You get a hero cookie :)

  • Work was a no choice. I am sure if I get my brain back work will be so much happier hahahah

  • Fantastic news SOM - long may this last! X

  • Yes I am hoping I will keep improving as the weeks go by

  • When I've finished chuckling at you picture and caption I'll send my congratulations and cheers for your final relief arriving for your pain etc :)


  • Yes I love that meme. I am hoping the pain is lessened too it is the fatigue I find the hardest and it seems to have had a positive impact on that

  • Wow-- so so pleased for you--- bet you feel like you've got your life back --- don't overdo things ☺x

  • Not quite but it is a step in the right direction and I hope will continue to get better as the weeks go by.

  • So nice to hear Someonesmother, I been waiting for a post from you, lol.

    I was pleased as punch to read you are already getting some results from the Enbrel.

    I cant wait to start Enbrel, but it may be on hold a bit until my other issues are sorted.

    Its interesting how some drugs work so different on different people.

    When I was on MTX I felt relieve within five days of my first injection, and I hear similar things with seems to be a fast worker for some people.

    Good luck with your care and great to hear this positive news! :)

  • Yes I am so happy something is happening after hearing how amazing it can be. If it deals with the fatigue at the least I will be so much better off. Don't think it has done anything for my joints yet they are still awful but it is getting very cold here and affects me badly.

    I really hope that you can get on it soon and that it makes a difference to you. I go to clinic this Wed and will probably be put on gold injections. Not sure how I feel about that but I have no choice.

  • I was not having luck on Humira, so was switched to Enbrel. I have to say this is a miracle drug! My pain relief was noticeable within a day or two of my first injection and I feel amazing. The sting of the injection is nothing compared to Humira. I am so happy to feel human again. The only real side effect I have is tiredness and lack of energy in the afternoons. Otherwise, I feel great!

  • Wow everyone is so different. I have no difference in pain levels but am less fatigued which for me working fulltime is a godsend.

  • I suffer chronic pain and now managing with panadol osteo after being on variety if opiates! Something that has turned my life around in addition to other meds is borocca everyday and colloidal silver!!

  • Glad that is working for you. I was taking panadol osteo but it sent my liver levels way too high as I also have liver damage from an adverse reaction to an antibiotic. I take 100mg long release tramadol and will take some normal panadol to get over a hurdle. I have to be careful about the pressure I put on my liver.

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