Enbrel arrives Monday

I was in a very low place this morning, very stiff, tired and miserable. When first I get a caring message from NRAS to say they were looking into various issues I'd raised. I'd barely put the phone down when the call I'd been waiting for from bupa/healthcare came. I'm to expect delivery on Monday! My expectations are reasonable, it took a while for infliximab to work so I don't know what to expect. But I really hope to get some mobility back, so I can be a bit more autonomous.

I'll let you know how I get on, but thanks everyone who have supported me and empathised.

And incidentally, I've just received a text to give me a 2 hour slot for delivery on Monday.

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  • Glad you got your delivery coming soon, hope it kicks in for you quickly x

  • thankyou!

  • Which provider are you with?

  • It's bupa home healthcare through western general in Edinburgh.

  • Good luck. In fact better luck than me. Developed a severe reaction to enbrel after my knee replacement, appointment on Tuesday to discuss options. Do hope things go well for you! M x

  • Oh dear I hope you can get something sorted very soon

  • So sorry Cathie you find yourself back in this situation after bring in a remission. It does show the drugs certainly do help you. Just hope they do kick in quickly for me and sending you very gentle hugs xxxxx

  • Hope all goes well for you Cathie. I started taking Enbrel in January and I was really low when I started but I hope that you have the same results as I have had. I felt better within a few days. When I told my rheumy nurse this she said that this has been reported by quite a few people!! Wishing you the same Cathie. xx

  • really hope it works for you , good luck x

  • Good luck Cathie..

    Hope it does the trick for you.


  • You have been a real support to me since I joined I really wish it works soon for you xxx

  • This feels a bit like a party! Large numbers of virtual fingers crossed!

  • I'm surprised that they are delivering on a bank holiday.

  • They specifically mentioned that the drivers weren't having bank holiday. So I hope that's the case. It's due to arrive before 10am ...

  • Good luck with it Cathie x

  • God luck Monday. Let us know how you get on.

  • I will, but no scare stories! Am very stiff the last few days so I hope it makes a difference

  • My first post here, so hello everyone.

    Hope the enbrel works for you cathie. Will be starting on it myself in a fortnight's time so fingers xxxx for the both of us.

    Currently on leflunomide and hydroxy, but they ain't working very well.

  • Great news Cathy, hope it works for you, I had my first injection of Enbrel yesterday and I do feel a lot better today,( or maybe that's wishful thinking ! ) Let me know how you get on.

    Wendy xx

  • Glad to hear this. How were you before?

  • Very painful hands, feet, shoulders ,and feeling just not right, very tired etc, but now I feel a bit more normal, difficult to explain, pain has gone from shoulders and hands and feet are feeling a lot better I have had no painkillers today. It all seems a bit unreal at the moment, I cant quite believe it but I hope it lasts. :-) x

  • Best of luck with Enbrel, Cathie. It started working the next day for me ... and very very effective for a short while ... but had to stop due to site reactions. So, it seems quite a few people have had this quick positive response with it, even when quite compromised with out of control RA etc .. so I do hope it works its magic for you. ;-)

  • What sort of reactions did you have neon kitty? Have they tried you on something else? I hope you're ok now

  • Nothing horrible at all as such with Enbrel, Cathie .. not to the system as such ... just itchy red painful reactions which started after five weeks. Hard risen red welt. They lasted all week mostly so it wasn't pleasant but as it wasn't doing much after five weeks .. Enbrel seemed to stop working ... then they swapped me quickly to Humira. That did .. nothing!! Such a shame about Enbrel for me as it showed such fantastic promise from the next day of starting it, and it can work so quickly for many and doesn't give site reactions to everyone, or if it does they can be mild, so I am hoping you are going to be very successful with it. When do you do your first one? Is a HaH/District nurse coming? I have now had my first two infusions of Rituximab at hospital on 1 and 15 April so waiting to see if that is working. Should be July before I know for sure but I have kind of confused issues having my knees injected with steroids but needed to move. Hope for relief and movement for you very soon. xx

  • Thankyou. Infliximab worked for me for about ten years. I'm not having nurse as I inject regularly for diabetes. Delivereys Monday morning, the driver works bank holiday, so I'm going to do it straight away and have a quiet day in hope xx

  • When did it arrive?

  • It arrived 4 mondays ago. To be honest I have only experienced slight moments of easing later in the day. But the delivery system seems to have worked OK and I now have the second assignment in the fridge. Still fingers crossed!

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