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Steroid injection and my skin?

This may be a daft one, but a friend called last night who I've not seen for about 3 weeks. First thing she said was your skin looks fab ?..

Hubby then pipes up I've noticed that ?.

On closer inspection myself at bed time I must admit my face which is usually a bit spotty blotchy seems clearer and my body skin looks and feels less dry and quite peachy !

I've always been spotty and have a few food/ chemical intolerances which cause bumpy rashes but I'm wondering if the steroid jab has helped ?. If yes woo hoo a good thing for a change ha ha :)

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Hi KathH, I would think the steroid injection has helped a bit with your skin. It is given for so many different things not just RA. Steroids are anti inflammatory so anything causing a flare up in your skin etc should benefit and calm down.

Hope this helps. LavendarLady x


Well I may be in pain but at least my skin looks better ha ha how daft does that sound :)


Well sounds postive.. nice kitty is it yours?? x


Yes that's Toni, also have a Fred, Dennis, Alfie and smudge lol


Hi Kath, lovely pusscat. I have MinnieMae who is a Burmese and a beautiful cat. We lost our old moggie two years ago called Mungo who was a huge ginger and white neutered Tom who ruled the area and was a terror to other cats except our neighbours cat Fudge and they were the best of pals. So much so, when Fudge came to call for Mungo, I was convinced they were a pair of woosses and mentioned it to my neighbour who agreed! Fudge has also now gone to the hunting grounds but after Mungo died, he was quite lost and kept calling round. Who says animals have no feelings!

We also have two labradors. Tilly and Berry. And in the past have had other cats - Racketty Cat, Sam, Twiggy, Bootsie, Barney, Lucy etc etc. Loved all our cats. MinnieMae is a champion burmese and so affectionate and very talkative.

Glad the skin is still looking good! LavendarLady x


I have two moglets molly a black rescue cat.. all black, but underneath belly a white heart.. and suki a small active cat black and white which I got for company for me when v poorly when first diagnosed x


I have steroid injection every 3mnths this month I have had infection so no injection 2 weeks late by god do I know I thought it did little until now roll on Tues next inj I hope


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