Another week another dumb thing

Another week another dumb thing

so last week my back was more painful than usual and by Thursday I could hardly walk. It seems I have ruptured a disc and done some nerve damage after a fall a week or so ago. Gee I would like a break from doing dumb things and just be able to get on with it. Going to be fun laying on my left side for a trans esophageal echo cardiogram. Geez Louise I am cursed!

good news is I am down to 1mg pred and hope to be off it in 10 days! woo hoo

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  • Oh no about your back and woohoo indeed about 1mg Pred. I'm at 2mg and starting 1mg tomorrow but may delay until after young nephew has gone home and open studio has been and gone. Not in a rush. Good luck for the special ECG thing (too long to write!) Tx

  • Yes I am pleased about the pred. Too funny my GP put me on Valium to relax the muscles but it has had the opposite effect and I was up until really late, couldn't go to sleep and up again at 4.30. I wonder if that means the relaxant affect is not happening to my muscles? Going to ring the pharmacist today and see . He offered Lyrica but I will never touch any of that stuff again, it was evil.

  • What is it with you....bad luck seems to follow you around!!! I really hope you don't find it too painful when you have your TOE & it reveals more of what your heart's up to. Well done for reducing your pred too. Not envious in the least lol! ;)

  • Yeah I know. I am really really over it. I think if I stopped falling over would be a good start. hahahah I don;t think they will find anything on the TOE. They are trying everything to see why I keep intermittently losing the sight in my right eye all of a sudden.

  • So sorry to hear this....hope yourback heals soon, and the procedure goes ok! M x

  • Thank you. GP said it will take some weeks, but if it is not healed in a few weeks I may have to have injections. I would be happy not to go there.

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