A light!!!!

A light!!!!

Was waiting to see GP and my phone rang. It was the rheumy nurse to tell me I had been approved by drug company on compassionate grounds fro 3 months of enbrel. woo hoo so I should get it next week and start. I have another appt to see registrar as I still have 2 DMARDS to go through and then I have had every one of them. I still have to try them to be qualify for enbrel on an ongoing basis. let's hope I can either tolerate one of the final two or I fail both before the 12 weeks is up so I don;t have a gap in treatment. Fingers and everything crossed. (How my fingers feel BTW)

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  • Brilliant news - well done! X

  • I really needed some good news today. I think I ma heading in to another flare and am feeling so terrible. It was like a little angel blessing.

  • More like a very big angel blessing perhaps?! Hope you aren't going into another flare but at least the thought of trying Embrel should keep you warm inside. X

  • Feels like I am I have had the shivery/creepy crawly feeling for a few days now going on around my body, short of breath, pain in chest and ribs and feel like I could roll over ad die. seems to be how I start. I am pinning a lot on this so I hope it works and no bad side effects

  • Whoopido! Fingers crossed that that light just gets stronger & stronger.

  • Oh I am praying don't you worry. I so want this to work, nothing else has in nearly 3 years.

  • Thats fantastic news! So pleased for you. Good luck with the treatment :-)

  • I know, so glad something is going right.

  • Great news, I am so pleased for you! Next step is for it to work speedily and well, with no nasty side effects! M xx

  • Yes I am so hoping that is what happens :}

  • I really hope this works for you and there are no more rejections of DMARDS, good luck,hope you feel better soon.


  • Me too Jan. Only 2 DMARDS to go and I have done them all. Just hope neither of them damage my liver more than the last one did.

  • great News!!

  • It is.

  • I really hope it works well for you.

  • Me too Cathie, I am really hoping my body likes this one

  • Everything is crossed SOM, I hope it works for you. Sorry to add a little bit of a negative but I hope your feelings of shivvery/creepy crawly, pains in chest etc are just anxiety. A bit aware a the mo & maybe reading too much into it but your blood readings are ok aren't they?

  • Not anxiety it is always what I get before a flare. I have finally started to see the pattern of how they strike. Only took me 3 years hahahah I am having weekly blood tests at the mo due to liver levels so I am sure they will ring if anything is untoward.

  • Oh good, on both counts.

  • I only ever get anxious when I have to do something like a job interview. OMG then I need to be close to a bathroom hahahah

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