Started Enbrel syringe injections twice a week

Started Enbrel syringe injections twice a week

well after finally recovering from the bronchitis and asthma I have finally done my first ever injection with a syringe. I have to mix the enbrel and it is a bit of an involved process but the enbrel nurse was fantastic and talked me through each step. She will come again on Monday for the second one and hopefully after that I will have the hang of it. I was a bit freaked out about using a syringe and sticking it in myself, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I did have trouble with getting the cap off the needle so have gotten some different ones from the chemist that should be easier to use. would have been lovely if I had gotten it all prepared and then sat there looking at it as I couldn't get the cap off the needle hahahahah So onward and upwards and I hope I don;t get sick again as three weeks off enbrel really made me see how much of a difference it has been making. Gentle hugs to all and I hope you are all going ok

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  • Wow ! Good to hear your recovered and on the mend.

    How strange that you have to mix/prepare your own syringes of Enbrel. When I was first put on Enbrel I used prepared syringes. They had a small needle and the cap was quite easy to remove....or I got my hubby to do that for me. Injections were harder to do, especially if my hands were bad, plus it stung like mad. About a year ago I was switched to Enbrel pens which are similar to the one's diabetes use. Easier to use and no sting. I'm in the UK. Are you in a different country ? I've never heard of anyone who has to give their own injections like you do. Enbrel can be a good med so I hope you'll have a good experience with it. ☺

  • Hi Cinnie_C I am on Australia. I was on the injection pens but it wasn't holding me and I felt like my batteries had run out bu about Wednesday so I am doing 25mg twice a week. They apparently don;t make 25mg pre-filled syringes so I am doing the whole mix it and then inject to thing. I agree my hands are terrible and especially after being off it for 3 weeks so I am a bit ham fisted with it all at the moment. The nurse had trouble getting the cap off too and advised me to ask the chemist for alternative needles, which I now have so hopefully tomorrow's injection will be a lot easier.

  • Hi there. I understand why you have a problem, however I have 1 x 50 mg per week. It's not a problem with this dose and so far has caused minimum side effects. I'm not sure that it's working that well any more. At the last Rhuemy appointment the consultant gave me a steroid injection (Kenalog) to see if it will kick start the Enbrel again. Seems like this is helping a little bit. If not I'll probably be switched to Retuximab infusion. Really hope you get sorted out soon.

  • yes I was on that for 6 weeks but it just wasn't holding the whole week. Why I was switched to injections. I am sure once I have built up again I will feel a whole lot better. Gee How long have you been on it for? I have heard that after a while the biologics lose their effectiveness. I hope it kick starts it again for you.

  • Hello again. I've been on Enbrel almost 2 yrs. At first it was like a life changing thing. Worked quite quickly and I was able to do much more than previously. Now (I think) it's started to be less effective. It's either the Enbrel or the Mtx which I've been on for about 3.5 yrs. Let me know if you have a good response to the split dose. Seems like a logical step to take. 😃

  • Ahh ok I have heard lots of different time frames for effectiveness. I am not on mtx as I had a very adverse reaction so only on prednisone and hydroxy. I am really hoping ti does the trick, fingers crossed. :)

  • Hi some one's mother, great that you are feeling better and can have the Enbrel injections again. I use to be on Enbrel and it worked fantastic for me until I had to stop it twice due to other medical issues. When I started to use it again it didn't work as well and the consultant decided to stop the injections, I used the Enbrel pens, very easy to use as my hands are very weak at times. I had my first tocli infusion last Tuesday but will go onto injections shortly. I think if you can try the pens you would find it much easier. Have you asked about the pens with your rhuemy clinic? Worth a try and you don't have to mix anything. Take care hope you keep well. Sue xx

  • Thanks angel-delight. I was on the pens, but they weren't lasting the distance, so I am trying twice weekly injections to break it up and see if it works better. I saw that you had your first infusion I am glad it went well for you. Fingers crossed for you that it is the one that works.

  • Hi SOM,I am so pleased to hear!

    I agree the mixing type can be a lot but it all gets easier with practice. Glad you are feeling better, great post, thanks for the update! :)

  • Thanks Hobbits. I am sure I will get really good at it, just have to get my hands used to doing those tiny little caps and things hahahah I am not good with small fiddly things I tend to drop stuff a lot. Oh well it is all a learning curve

  • Great to hear that Enbrel has been making a difference. It must be a bit of a faff mixing it yourself, especially with RA hands, but it'll probably be one of those things that becomes automatic over time.

    I like syringes, I like being able to control the speed of the injection and being able to see what's happening. With practice my Humira injections have become painless, especially if I warm the syringe up sufficiently first - I leave it out of the fridge for an hour or so, then tuck it under my arm for about 15 minutes.

    Hope things continue to go well for you.

  • yes it is the fiddly thing that is hard but I am sure I will get better at it with more practice. Thankfully the enbrel nurse will come again tomorrow and monitor what I am doing. I take it out 1/2 an hour before and then the fiddling takes about another 15 minutes hahahah. The good thing is there is no preservative, which I think may have been causing the site reaction with the pens. So no site reaction with the injections so far and as you say you have control of the pace at which you inject. Bonus!!

  • Hi, that's exactly what I do with my Enbrel pens ! It was a tip from a site like this. Work's a treat. Wish I'd known about it from the beginning. Another tip was to use my tummy instead of the thigh. Seemed scary but it works.

  • Yes they told me to do that with the pens too. The pens still stung but I found the injections haven't so far. I am wondering if it is the preservative in the ens that made it sting with me? I have tried both now and I found it hurt less in my abdomen, but I am overweight so I have lots of fat to play with hahahah

  • Lovely photo!

    I know what you mean. I had to stop Enbrel for about six weeks because of a persistent infection . I quickly had a reminder of how effective it has been .

    I hope it all goes well for you.


  • Thanks Jora, yes me too no more infections would be great.

  • I've recently swopped injection sites. I now inject MTX into my leg and Enbrel into my tum, started doing this last February, it's only stung a little once unlike when I injected into my leg. I use to have to keep saying to myself.....Don't be a wimp, don't be a wimp.

    I was advised by my RA nurse to use the syringe, I was use to injecting MTX with a syringe and she told me that you have more control over it going in. She also told me not to use the wipes they give you either incase they caused a reaction on my skin.

    I always take it out for at least an hour before. I'm not to sure about tucking it under your for 15 minutes though. It's not suppose to go above 25 degrees, would think that it will be starting to get to body temperature under your arm for that long. I once had to ring Health Care at Home up, was away and the fridge went too cold, was told not to use the injection (was going home a day early) and wait till I got home and use one from my fridge at home because the drug would not work as well as it should beings it had been at the wrong temperature.

    Paula x

  • Yes I think the injections will be less ouchy in the long run and yes the nurse said do not use the wipes after injecting as they can cause a reaction. So much to learn. Yes the fridge thing is a problem I am almost tempted to use a bar fridge we have for it as the firidge sometimes plays up and gets too cold and I am freaked it will do it with the enbrel in there.

  • Glad to read that you are feeling a lot better now, and all has gone well with your injection. Love the photo - it makes you smile! x

  • Thanks Smiler 53. Yes fingers crossed that was the last one for the winter. I don;t want to be that sick again

  • well done - I had a good 10 years on Enbrel. Hope it works as well for you

  • Oh me too. I didn't realise quite how much until I had to come off it

  • good for you keep it going.

  • Yes fingers crossed no more infections

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