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Well today..hopefully a new drug


After having two spells of heart Failure a year apart , the professionals think the cause is linked to Enbrel as when drug is stopped the heart and lungs show good output. So have been off Enbrel this time since 13th November. I had been on it 16 years. Today I see The Consultant with hopeful news to start a new Biologic. I am in total flare and have been since Christmas. I have backing from Cardiologist to monitor me if start new medication and Electrocardiogram is set for end of April..Just keeping fingers x..

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Sorry Echocardigram

Good luck x

Good luck and hope all goes well

Good luck. Hope this is " the one" ! Xx

Hi juliea793. All the best with it, hope it works well for you.

Good luck hope everything goes well xxx

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