Never too old to Rock... but can feel ignored at PIP assessment!!

Had my PIP assessment today, both feet, left hand and both wrists in absolute agony but this meant nothing to "the nurse" who was more interested in what I can do as against what I struggle to do or cannot do. Ann had a copy of the letter sent to my Doctor's from my rheumy showing all the results and there it was in black and white "strong positive rheumatoid factor and anti-ccp, xrays taken etc etc etc" so why was she asking me if I personally can prove I have RA??

The fact my left hand was locked whilst there, the fact my 2 outer fingers on my right hand are pulling away from my middle finger and the fact the bone under my big toe on my right foot is 2-3 times bigger than it was 2 weeks ago and that I wear shoes 2 sizes bigger than I normally do is apparently totally irrelevant. Ann just asked questions in robotic form with no sign of any compassion- it just seemed that she was doing her job! questions like "can you hold a book?" yes I can but then my hands lock after about 10-15 minutes, "but you can hold a book though?" yes, as I just said I can for about 10-15 mins before my hands lock, "but you can hold a book though?" don't think it mattered how many times I gave the same answer as long as Ann was hearing I could hold a book. (between you and me, I can for about 10-15 mins then my hands lock, but don't tell anyone else!!)

must admit I didn't get the feeling of the big brother stories we hear about on here, there were thankfully no stairs, Ann opened the door to her room for me and I didn't see any people loitering around outside checking on people as they left the clinic, but the feeling that nothing I said seemed to matter left a bitter taste, especially after seeing other people in there laughing and joking and acting completely normal in the waiting room while I was in pain and feeling guilty about being there.

oh well. that's my rant over and done with and 2 hours of my life I will never get back.

I'm at hospital with my rheumy tomorrow so let's see what that brings.

Good luck to everyone on here and hope you all have a pain free night, and keep Rockin' and rollin' \m/ \m/

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What an absolute joke these Medicaid are if you've got a disability you shouldn't have too go through all that stress, I hope you get a good result xxx

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thanks, but I won't be holding my breath........


It's horrendous at times for people it's a stressful ordeal I hope you are successful I have a short award this time even though I have a chronic conditions they gave me my first award till 2017 called me in a year early awarded till 2018 but advised review 2017 so not really been given any more than the first award what a waste of money for a extra medical

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The assessors do seem to vary how they perform the PIP assessment don't they, some by rote & others in a more relaxed fashion but I wonder in your case if she was trying to lead you into how to answer her questions, in a definitive way. If you consider how prior to each question on the form the descriptor says can you do it "safely, to an acceptable standard, as often as you need to & in a reasonable time". So, the question about holding a book (which I didn't have incidentally!), by asking the question again she could have been indicating that actually no, you can't hold a book according to the descriptor because she'd noted how your hands are affected so it's unlikely you can't, that you are afflicted by the RD in your hands. On any of the sites discussing PIP they suggest not saying "Yes, but..." because it isn't a clear answer, either you can or you can't, there isn't a "sometimes" tick box if you get what I mean? Just my take on it really as my assessor did ask a few questions a different way which made me think twice about my answer, not answering with buts or sometimes, only yes or no & it made a difference to points, in my favour.

When I had my assessment I wasn't aware of any people loitering around to check on people either but there were cameras situated by the outer door & one inside, though they may well have been normal security cameras. I was assessed from the moment my assessor called me to the assessment room though because in the report it was noted how I rose from the chair, my gait & how long it took to walk the 15m from the waiting room to the assessment room.

I hope you don't have a long wait to hear the result & your Rheumy appointment is a good one. Let us know when the brown envelope arrives?


yes I will, told me it should take no longer than 8 weeks and to chase them up if I haven't heard by then. Have received a text today from DWP saying they have received the info so at least I know it's in the system. thanks

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The forms seem to assume that you answer in a negative way. That is "no I can't hold a book for more than about ten minutes" rather than our way of " yes I CAN hold a book but only only ten minutes" which is emphasising the positive part.

We get into a good habit of focusing on what we CAN do, that it goes against the grain to look at the negatives of what we can't do. But that's what is required by the form fillers.


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