I had my assessment yesterday for Etanercept. I think it went well and I met all the criteria. The annoying thing is that although I was assured the one I had done in February would count, the same person told me yesterday it wouldn't. I rang up and pointed out about having them done within a certain time and she told me as long as they weren't closer than 4 weeks apart that was ok. Now I have to wait another month and then she said another month before I got it. I mentioned my swollen painful knee and asked if i could have some fluid drawn off. The first appointment was September but then she tried by calling me a returning patient and a slot came up for this Friday afternoon. I hope they will do it as I can hardly walk today.

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  • i would think you are more likely to be given a steroid injection into your knee. I am a great believer in making a nuisance of myself, in the nicest possible way, and push to have the medication earlier!

  • I find you don't get anything if you don't ask and pester.

  • Sadly that is so true and my experience from my great age!

  • Hope you get the best of treatment for your knee tomorrow and hope there are no more unnecessary delays so you the approval comes quickly. You have been in so much pain for so long it is time to get some help to control this rotten disease. BG

  • Thank you. I'm not looking forward to this afternoon, but if it works it will be worth it.

  • It is a wonderful feeling when you see how much fluid is drawn off. You then realise why you were in so much pain. My leg felt lighter and more flexible. They do inject with steroid after to settle things down. Be thinking of you.

  • I have had both done. it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and I was amazed at how I could bend my knee afterwards. The second one hurt a bit more as I felt she touched a bone and it made me go "Ouch" One leg had two syringes full and the other one of fluid. It aches a bit now but not too bad. Thank you for thinking of me.

  • So pleased for you. That's a lot of fluid to be lumping around and you will feel a lot better and lighter for today's treatment. Look after yourself and rest up .

  • I will. still can't believe I had both knees done. The nurse said if I wanted I could have one done today and the other some other time.

  • Don't think you will regret being brave. Well done.

  • Hi billybiscuit

    Just reading your post about entanercepr, when you say assessment, can I ask what the assessment involves. A friend of mine is on that drug and she says it has changed her life. I'm not getting on very well with metojet injections due to liver readings and wondered about this one. I have appt with rheumatologist on 22nd June and was going to ask about this. I do know you have to fail 2 different types of drugs before your considered for this under NICE rules. Thanks and I hope you get relief with your knee 😥

  • For my assessment I was asked how I was, I was told by people on here to reduce my steroids so that I was very bad for that day. The nurse practitioner squeezed my knuckles and other joints and asked if they hurt, she also reminded me that they would hurt a lot more if I wasn't taking steroids. I obviously had the right number of painful joints as she said that I fitted the criteria. I know have to have a second test in 4 weeks time, but not closer than 4 weeks. I had it done in February but they sent my appointment out too late for it to count. I must have blood tests done and I have had an x ray of my chest already. I hope that helps.

  • Thank you for reply, my wrists and hands sore most of time even on MTX injections and pain killers of various sorts. I'm sure I rattle lol. I'll mention this at my appointment on 22nd June and I hope you get on well with new drug, when you eventually get it. As I said in post before my friend swears by it and she says it gave her back her life.....if only

    Regards dawn

  • It would be lovely to think it might work. I hope you have luck with getting it if that's what you decide.

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