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Hiya all. Just wondering really, how many of you got Chicken Pox when your children did? I rang NRAS who were very helpful and suggested I get a blood test done to see if I have the antibodies (I had CP as a child). George and Sophie haven't had CP yet but I've just had a phone call from nursery to say George has a spot 😁...they said I'll know by morning 😆. I know someone with RA who has had CP 3x! Not shingle but full blown CP so I'm curious to know. I know if I haven't had it I could need antibiotics if I do get CP but I'm on so many immunosuppressants and I'm not well myself at the moment (think its a flare but possibly a virus on top) that I'm wondering how easy it is for me to catch it again and if it's happened to anyone on here? Thanks all. Hope you are having a good day.

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  • I had an 'experience' with this as it happened over a bank holiday weekend so the only place to go was out of hours and ended up in isolation in a side room of the acute admission unit of the local hospital while the doctors stood around wondering what to do. They ended up speaking with the Public Health Team to get advice, which led to immunoglobulin treatments and anti-virals. If your not feeling great yourself and if it does develop on your little one, probably best get checked by the GP before the weekend.

  • Interesting. Did you pick it up from your children? I'm wondering how contagious it is....actually, that's probably a stupid question!

  • Yes, well in fact from my Godson, who we visited passed it on and then my two had it from there so all in all a triple exposure I would say.

    At the time, I was on Triple therphy of MTX, Suplfasalazine & Hydroxychlorquin so fairly well 'suppressed'.

    Hope you haven't got it, but always worth checking with your GP if you start feeling unwell or showing other symptoms.

  • Thankyou. Same meds as me plus I'm on 20mg of prednisalone a day at the moment too 😕. So yes, fairly well suppressed 😂

  • CP is a virus, antibiotics won't work with it. I had CP at 30, before my diagnosis. It's shingles I've got to watch out for now!!

  • Yes I know CP is a virus so I'm not sure why the antibiotics as a's very odd! I guess I need to watch out for Shingles too....

  • Hi, just wanted to clear something up. You would be given an antiviral, probably aciclovir to help with the symptoms which is best started within 24 hours

  • Hiya. Thankyou for your input. When I spoke to my GP yesterday about my blood test she wasn't concerned because I clearly remember having CP. I think she only agreed to the bloods because I mentioned NRAS recommending them and she knows the complaint letter I wrote about my old GP (same GP practice). Good to keep them on their toes! Not got George & Sophie up yet...we will know in about 20 mins 😁

  • Hi I never picked it up from my 3 children or grandchildren despite one of them been pickled with it so I must have antibodies. I just read yesterday on the pred prescription to keep away from suspected cp' how you know this is a mystery as I thought it was infectious before spots but I could be wrong. Think you have done the right thing contacting for advice and let's hope you have anti bodies. Hope it isn't. Take care and try to get some rest. X x

  • You are correct, it's most contagious prior to the spots. Not sure how you'd avoid it then!

  • Apart from living in a bubble I don't think you really can.! You will know when it's active in your area. I think all of mine had temps before. It will be good to know you have anti bodies so fingers crossed. Xxx

  • No idea how contagious it actually is, but as you have a compromised immune system then do head to your GP ASAP if you get any signs of it yourself. You should be given anti-virally straight away to reduce risks. But if your kids are showing signs perhaps be cautious and rope in some help with them so you reduce your likelihood of catching it as much as you can.

  • Thankyou as ever laine and GP agreed and she's added the antibodies to the routine DMARD blood test tomorrow. Watch this space...!

  • I have had chicken pox twice so it is possible :( hope you don't catch it and that if your children have got it that it's a mild dose and they recover quickly :)

  • A lot of replies to this already, but for my input, I developed Shingles on Optic Nerve. It is indeed a virus, and it travels nerve fibers, eventually erupting in blisters on the skin. So phenomenally debilitating its unreal.

    I did have Chicken Pox as a kid, and I'm 54 now, but apparently it lays dormant just waiting for the right/wrong moment to reactivate. Hope you don't have any problems but for my part, I was given oral Acyclovir and Acyclovir lotion for my eye. I am now on 6 weekly checks post "attack" with an ophthalmic specialist (on top of everything else) to make sure there is no indication of Cataracts forming, or retina damage or even Glaucoma!

    On the plus side, I have taught my computer to recognize my voice and sent you this message, so there's a positive point.

  • Hi how are you, did you have test ? Hope it was all okay xxx

  • Yes I did and I'm immune. Yay 😀. Just need the kids to get CP now 😂

  • That's good news, one last thing to worry about! Hug from me x

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