What a Week!!!

What a Week!!!

Hi All

Last wednesday I had a gp appt. My husband was suppose to collect me after wards as its a 30-45 mins walk now and as you all know the temp last wk was dropping especially in the evening ad I had a evening appt. Hubby text me to say he could not collect me as he was stuck in traffic in london. To save time I took shortcuts home as I did not want to be out in the cold any longer than I had to.

Whilst walking home I noticed a man that was walking parallel to me. I stopped and ensured that he was not going the same way I was, as I planned to walk via an poorly lit road, that had woods on one side as this route cut out the corner and saved me at least 15 mins. Just before I committed to the route I checked to ensure that no one was behind me. Well I was surprise the man had double backed and was about 20 yrds from me. I reasoned that if he knew the area he would know that the route I was going to take was poorly lit and if anything was going to happen it would happen here.

So I ran to put distance between him and myself and to get back on the main road that was lit with street lights. When I was making the crossing over a mound of dirt, my right foot got caught in the brambles and I fell hard onto my knees and my wrists and rolled a couple of times down the bank. I quickly got to my feet I might add I was in severe pain from my knees and as I did so I started to cry due to the pain. But I was desperate to get to the main road and safety. Once at the road I crossed over to the otherside and did not look back and limped home the rest of the way in pain. I had scraped and torn the skin on my right knee, pulled the right calf muscle, cut my hands & fingers on the bramles thorns and banged my wrist with sufficient force that, the bone had started to swell on it. Not to mention the upset I felt.

Due to what happened on wednesday I was forced to stay in bed as I also woke up that morning with lower back pain. The aches I attributed to the fall and in addition I also showed symptoms of coming down with a cold. I felt pretty awful all day.

Went into work friday got home did wax baths use hot water bot on knees etc. I had to use my hand/wrist splints once again to try and mimise the pain I am feeling all over the wkend

This morning due to the cold I ache like mad in my knees, wrists hands in particularly the right side and the cold is well and truly out now, so I feel rough and I don't relish the thought of going to work and struggling in this snow as my mobility is not good at the moment. Those of you who read my blogs will know that I've just recently gone back to work (on a phased return two wks now).

My wrist are really acheing now, so I guess I better go. Please forgive me for not commenting on other bloggs/questions, it's just I am trying not to over use my hands.

All have a good wk. Take care & wrap up warm

Si :D

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Good lord girl, what are we going to do with you? Why were you walking in the first place?? I know, you thought you could and hubby was going to pick you up. Next time stay where you are and wait for him, he would get to you eventually. Or, if the office was closing, could you ask one of the office people to take you home?

Now, you pack hot water bottles and heating pads all around you, and don't get up anymore than loo breaks :) (see, I can use this language :P )

I hope you didn't give poor hubby a hard time, but that guy lurking beside and around you was very threatening!! Especially if he didn't help pick you up, but then You might not have wanted him to get near you!

Oh crap, do I have to worry about all of you over there running around by yourseves, and I'm way over here...

Then there's Sylvia, heaven only knows what she's getting into! Hi Sylvi!

I'm going to have to have Tilda, and Lavendarlady, and Gina, and Mary, and julie and 2 susans, and Brian and Rich and of course James to police all of you and make sure you all stay out of trouble, don't fall down, and stay well. Big assignment, huh, James ? :) Hey, it's very important to be needed.:) Be of good cheer all of you , and all others I might not have mentioned. Sci, I sincerely hope this fall doesn't cause you to loose your days at work. Loretxxxx


Haha Loret your so right were all a bunch of fools. I alson fell on Saturday just as I was taking out the rubbish I slipped on the ice and fell onto my right knee and wrist. All Is ok though, hubby treatd me to emergency treatment of elevating said joints followed with tea and chocolate! Feel ok now just bruised and grazed.Sci queen take it slowly and rest as much as you can if you can't make work then don't go (easier said than done I know ) but if its anything like here you won't be appreciated for it if you do. Take care my friends xxxxx


Thanks Scouser, I will send her a note. She can read ours, she just can't send anything. The repairman didn't know what was wrong last I heard!!!


Hi Sci

Hopefully you are tucked up in bed by now getting an early night before the Monday morning effort, but just wanted to wish you a better week ahead. Take it easy, forget looking smart & go for max comfort/warmth, and try not to worry about work too much. Looking after yourself is more of a priority. Pollyx


Yes ditto to everything Polly and others have said. Hate the feeling of terror that strikes in those situations let alone when our mobility is compromised - not surprised you are shattered. Take care and hope all goes well this week for you. Tildaxxx


OH my word Sci,

This is weird because today is the first real day I have been in snow since I got sick and the scene you just described got in my head!! Its so strange to feel vulnerable as before I would have panicked I think.!! I am really sorry this happened and that you feel bad. Hope you manage to get into work after all your efforts to get back this happens.

Maybe you wanna report it too in case someone is creeping around and catches someone.

Now u take care and rest and keep warm. Thinking of you



that is horrible Si, hope you are recovering and take it easy today.


Hi All

Did not make it in, as knees continued to be sore/acheing this morning and I had a conjested nose, & head ache something awful with the viral infection (cold) that I seem to have. I can't walk safely in the snow and did not want to risk another fall,.

Trains were delayed up to 53 mins into work this morning, so I decided to call in sick today and most probably for tomorrow. I will attempt to go out to work on friday.

It's a shame as I really wanted to work, but was afraid of falling and causing further damage. I did think of using the walking stick also, but how much help would that be in this weather???

Just noticed some bruising under one of the cuts on my fingers. It's really itchy also. I looks as if its not healing, I may have to go to the docs for antibiotics after all. Unusual that its not healing, unless I am immune compromised from the mtx???

Take care Sci



Sorry you poorly and not suprised after your bad week. I bought some clip on things that fit under your shoes from Go Outdoors. They are rubber elastic with a big back handle type of thing and coiled wire under the sole, even I can get them on. I tried them to go to the Doctor today and they are so easy to walk in and I felt safe even without my sticks.They are the Yaktrax walker and the blub is it will instantly give you better traction confidence and safety on snow or ice. Walk or run as you are accustomed !!! I think they are great!!


Hi Allanah

I bought some of them winter trax mine are called, & also are very similar to how you described.

I will try them as soon as my knees are strong enough to take some walking without experiencing any pain.

Cheers Sci x


How Scary.. I always think it best to avoid poorly lit routes even if we were fit well and fast runners.. near me there is an alley/ walkway that cuts off distances compared with main road route but even though it is lit ,I wont walk it alone except in broad daylight.


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