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What a morning

Our cat has not been quite herself recently.I know she has kidney problems and she has been on special food.

I came downstairs this morning just in time to see her drop to the floor.She then started screaming.I've never heard anything like it.It was horrendous.

The vet thinks she may have had a fit.We're just waiting for her blood test results as the vet couldn't find anything just by examination.

I felt so helpless as I couldn't bend to pick her up.My lower back is so painful and my ankles keepswelling.It's been like this ever since I overdid it at Christmas.I had to stop half way through cooking Christmas lunch as my back was so painful.My daughter took over and we still had a lovely meal.

I always enjoy cooking so it's yet another thing RA has ruined,at least for the time being.

Sorry it's a moany blog but I think the RA blues have set in for the

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Oh avjh, so sorry to hear about your cat. We had a cat with kidney problems and it is difficult to treat. Our cat wouldn't eat the special food - he just turned his nose up at it so I had to hunt around for food which did suit him.

It could have been a fit or it could have been the kidneys causing pain. How old is the cat? Hope you get some better news.

Get your feet up to improve the swelling and a hot pack on your back will help.

I sometimes cook sitting on a stool in the kitchen but having to move between cooker and work tops can be difficult at times. Try to take it easy for a few days.

Hope you will soon feel better. LavendarLady x


I have an office-style chair, with 5 wheels, that elevates up to counter height, in the kitchen. Could not function in my kitchen without it!! Got it at a Home Improvement Store, but Office Supplies may have them. The critical is they need to elevate to counter height, then you can scoot all over the kitchen. That is the only way I could do all that baking at holiday time. Hope everybody can find one!


Hope your pussy is on the mend and you must rest.

Take care, Sylvi.xx


Oh no poor you. My cat randomly howls for no apparent reason, the vet said its dementia. She doesn't fall to the floor though, so it could be s seizure . I too sometimes use a stool when my back is bad but like LL says it can be chore moving from cooker to counter. Xxxx


We're not sure how old our cat is as she came from a rescue centre.We thought about six but the vet seems to think she is older as her teeth are in a poor state.

She has been lying on my daughters bed most of the day.The vet has just rung and she has a UTI.(the cat not the vet).Hopefully the antibiotics will help.

I decided to put my feet up and watch one of the programmes I'd recorded over Christmas.Think I watched half an hour of it and then nodded off.Felt very stiff when I woke up,so took an ibuprofen and painkiller.

I have a dentist appointment in the morning.Not looking forward to that.Then on Friday it's off to the doctors for my routine blood tests.What fun!

Thanks everyone for your


poor cat, and poor you. I have now started to hate the dentist - after years of 10 minute appointments, every time i go in now she finds something scary. Good luck tomorrow.


So sorry to hear about your cat.. please keep us posted, I wander what caused

her collapse and for her to scream so?.. I wouldnt think a U.t.i could do that but I suppose on top of existing kidney problems any thing is possible?. the collapse sounded more like a fit or mini stroke? but I am not a vet!!, as a cat lover hope she will be ok xx


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