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Just want to say thank you


Hi All

Just want to say thank you to everyone on this forum. Although took diagnosis quite well despite pain and age etc but I did feel quite alone like people don't understand. You have all been so lovely and helpful and have made me feel like I'm not alone in my own little RA hobbit hole lol. Nice everyone on here helps each other it's so lovely! Let's stay positive guys we can do this :)

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Here here !!

Stay well.


Tara26186 in reply to Eiram50

Thank you. you too :) this forum is incredible :)

It's amazing how supportive it is isn't it! I'm so glad I found it. Glad you feel the same!

Take care


Tara26186 in reply to Mhairi54

Absolutely! Me too :) take care too :)

I'm just pleased you found us, it is a great resource. We all hope for a cure, possibly for you if not for us... until then we're all here to support one another, the ones who do know what it's like to live with these diseases.

Absolutely! Thank you it's been brilliant :)

Likewise Tara, I've found this forum a tremendous source of support this past month in helping to comes to terms with my diagnosis and start of treatment. Its been such a help to know you're not alone and to gather so much insight from others who know what its like as theyre living with it themselves!!!

Hope your treatment goes well for you, Tara.

Very best wishes

Julie ☺

Tara26186 in reply to Julied24

Thank you so much. Hope it is for you too. So lovely this forum :)

Thank you for your kind words Tara26186 - lovely to hear how much the HU community has helped you.

Best wishes


What a lovely post-- 😊

Tara26186 in reply to Jacki08

Thank you :) it's lovely on here

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