Methotrexate and Alcohol

Hey there,

I'm taking methotrexate to treat my Eczema (Yes i know i'm in the wrong forum) and I can see that this is not very common. I know a fair few RA patients have undergone treatment with MTX but I need some information on the alcohol consumption side of things. I took a 10mg tablet of MTX last Saturday and that was my first dosage, the next one is this Saturday. The catch is I was wondering how long the medication takes to inhibit your body due to me having a birthday/party this Friday night and I was planning to consume more than atleast three units of alcohol... Will the MTX have a big effect on my body that it's relevant to how much alcohol I consume or not? If there's a chance then i'll have to give it a miss but I need to advice and thank you all in advance!


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Hi Bailey, this is something you should really get guidance on from your specialist. There appears to be mixed advice on the subject but the main theme appears to be alcohol should be avoided completely or taken well within safe limits ie a couple of units a week due to the impact on your liver. When I was on methotrexate I stayed off alcohol completely for the first year and then gradually added a little in while keeping an eye on my liver function test results. Personally I wouldn't drink so soon after starting mtx as you don't yet know how your body will react to the drug without throwing alcohol into the mix. I've just started on Leflunomide and there's a warning on the bottle telling me not to drink alcohol either so I feel your pain :-(


Thanks for the reply buddy!

It's quite devastating to know that your drinking nights with your friends are quite limited but I guess it's just something to get used to :p the questions was more pointed at the fact i've only been taking it for a week so I was unaware if alcohol effected it or not but I thank you for your response and good luck with the Leflunomide!


Hi, I've been on MTX fir quite a while...I made the decision to not have alcohol I do on Christmas Day but a small amount..but I remember it being such a big thing for me as I liked to have the odd drink but to be honest I am too scared to during because of the liver..I'm used to it now...perhaps you should contact your doctor that will probably be the best...I hope you enjoy your birthday honey but do check xx


Hi Bailey

The advice is to drink in moderation within the guidelines so couple of units. I am on methotrexate and starting Humira soon. I do have a drink but keep within limits and my tests have on my liver have been ok. But seeing as you have just started MTX I would really play safe as if your blood tests go up on your liver (ALT test) then you may not know if it is the mtx that is affecting it or the alcolhol.. So I would just go for Mocktails on your party (lots of different fruit juices mixed and put in a cocktail glass). I have joined in with two of my daughter in laws when they were pregnant and not drinking in having Mocktails and didn't notice the difference without alcolhol, we still had fun :) Have a great birthday x


If you search this forum for MTX and alcohol you'll find quite a old posts on the subject - it's a popular topic! But basically be cautious about mixing the two, especially to start with.


Hi I think it is important to steer clear of alcohol particularly in the early stages of methotrexate treatment.

Some people have a very bad liver reaction to the drug.

If you are very unlucky this can occur with the first dose! I think it would be unwise to drink more than 1 unit this early in your treatment.

You should have been told to arrange regular blood tests. These are to check your blood counts and your liver function.

Make sure you keep with the blood tests. If after about a year they continue to be okay you might be able to drink a little safely. If you are on methotrexate you should never have any kind of binge!

It might be fun to watch what fools other people make of themselves when they are drinking. What do they really get out of a "good" night?

Hope this helps, and that you are still able to enjoy your night out.



I know your not supposed to but I save my units and have one night out a month, it keeps me sane, my bloods are ok.


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