Blood Sugars and Predisolone

Hi there and happy new year everyone!

I was wondering if anyone has had problems with blood sugars when on prednisolone? I have never had any blood sugar problems (that I know of), but believe now that it can be a side effect of prednisolone....

I had a problem on New Years Day where I developed a bad case of the shakes and just not feeling very well, so went to see the out of hours GP who checked my blood sugar level as she said it could be low.

Well it came back as higher than normal level (9.2, when apparently normal is anything from 4-7), but she said that could be because I had just had a lucozade sport drink to drink as my husband felt that may help.

She said that it sounded as though I had suffered from low blood sugar, and that prednisolone can cause issues with this, and that I should make sure I eat regularly, and good meals with carobohydrates. However, I don't see how the levels could have jumped up from being at a level causing shakes to above normal simply by drinking one sugary drink, and have also been reading about prednisolone and blood sugars and everything I read says that it can cause high blood sugar, so a bit confused now!

I've been on the pred (10mg a day) for just over 2 months now - just wondering if anyone knows anything about this, or has had any similar issues?

Thanks as always!

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Any reading less than an hour from food or sugary drink wont give a true picture of blood sugar!..

If you are worried your gp can arrange a fasting blood glucose test


Thanks Summer - I'll see how things go and maybe get it tested...


If your not a Diabetic then " NORMAL " blood sugars are around 4.3 to 4.6, above this you really should see your doctor again, if you are a Diabetic then you can alter your insulin dose and check your lvls more often and hopefully you should be ok

Im a Diabetic on Sulphasalazine and fortunately that hasnt bothered my sugar levels


Happy new year everyone.


I had a high blood sugar level reading when first bloods taken for RA earlier this year. Was more worried about having Diabetes than RA because I have a long family history. Then my hubby reminded me that we had a very sweet Chinese Takeaway the night before blood sugar test and sure enough, when I went on to have a fasting glucose test a few weeks later it was fine. I had lots of strange symptoms when on Prednisolone but not the shakes. TTx


Heatherp, I am a mild Diabetic, and when have had to take Prednisone, I've had a couple episodes of low blood sugars, with shaking, so bad I could hardly write on a line. Then the Blood sugars go too high, making it very complicated to control. Keeping carbs under 80mgms per day helps, but that is not very many carbs.

Now, my Rheumatologist and I agree, the Prednisone is not worth the mess it makes of my blood sugars, plus weight gain.

Hope you get along well. Loret


Thanks for that all - I'm seeing my rheummy this Friday so will discuss with him then! Agree pred doesn't have the greatest side effetcs, so may need to rethink meds - again!


Hi heatherp

I am a diabetic and prednisone does raise blood sugars for diabetics as any steroid does but if you are not a diabetic you should have your bloods checked by a doctor or nurse, When I was on them I had to increase insulin levels, they will do a fasting glucose test, I hope this helps al the bestx


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